Social Networking Is Out Of Control

You know what I mean right? These days a lot of us practically live on the internet updating this and posting on that. We’ve got Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, Flickr, the list goes on.

How many of you have accounts on at least 3 of these services? I know I do, but how are we all supposed to keep up with everything? We’ve got our day jobs to do, then we come home and update our status on facebook, meet new people on myspace, upload a few videos to YouTube, share some photos on flickr and post a few articles on our blogs…not to mention share with the world what we’re doing DURING the day on twitter!

In Australia at least, most people are really into Facebook at the moment so that makes things a little easier. At least I’ll know where all my friends will be if I want to catch up with them and see what they’ve been doing, and that’s what social networking is great for. But what are we all to do with these other services? Does everyone feel the need to make sure EVERY service they have an account on is always updated or do people merely just migrate towards one or two services only?

What made me start thinking about this? Well, I was interested in starting an account on twitter to see what all the fuss was. Twitter has been around for a little while now, but its one of the only social networking sites I haven’t dropped everything for and run straight to…probably because Facebook is servicing much of my needs at the moment.

I guess the question is, why move and keep creating new accounts on new services? It just means you’ve got more and more to keep updating online.

What do you guys do? How many social networking sites do you use? I’m just going to stick with Facebook for now, but many people on Facebook have really hated the recent changes so who knows, maybe we’ll all be jumping ship sooner than later?

3 thoughts on “Social Networking Is Out Of Control”

  1. i agree, when you find one that you know someone on you feel obligated to join, and when you join you feel obligated to keep it updated so people don’t think you fell off the face of the earth. its pretty annoying…. i’m on myspace, youtube, facebook, and twitter

  2. Ok sorry the first one was just a test to see if I had to join anything but it looks like I don’t have to and I don’t have to leave an email address….very good! Over the past year I have used less and less of the internet services.
    I had a twitter account, YouTube and Facebook. All three I don’t use a lot. I have now deleted my Twitter and YouTube account. I have Facebook because most of my friends are on it and they usually send invites through Facebook. I only use Facebook to contact people I know.
    To me it feels like we are in danger of living behind a screen for the rest of our lives. We have our labtops, mobiles, ipods and now the ebooks (oh and don’t forget the good ol TV)! This really is doing wonders for our depth perception! Seriously do you guys know the results of training our eyes and brains to 2d images instead of 3d? I find it funny when people call it ‘social’ networking because sitting behind a screen by yourself is not ‘Social’ at all. I have no problems with using it to talk to people you already know but we all know most people use it to chat with people they would never meet in real life…….now there is a word for you REAL LIFE! If we actually cut back on some of this stuff we can turn off the computer, ipod, mobile or whatever gadget you have and go out and actually meet the people we love typing too!

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