Sydney CBD Blackout Sparks Anti-Terrorism Debate

Yesterday the Sydney CBD was hit with widespread power outages after 4 power cables that service much of the CBD and northern suburbs was damaged.

AN emergency loudspeaker system could have been used during a blackout in Sydney’s CBD, but police decided against it.

Deputy New South Wales Police Commissioner Dave Owens says the system, which is the main communication tool for any city centre emergency, draws power from five electricity sub-stations, not all of which were affected by yesterday’s power outage. Source:

It’s pretty amazing that an advanced warning system that is supposed to aid citizens in the event of a blackout (among other things that could be effected by a terrorist attack) actually runs on mains electricity with no backup power source.

This will definitely need to be fixed up if we are planning on using this system in the future, the crap thing is terrorists around the world will know how vulnerable Sydney actually is at the moment. Hopefully all these news stories of this vulnerability doesn’t leave us open to an impending attack!

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