IE 8: Faster, Better Than Anything Else?

While browsers like Firefox and Safari gain more and more momentum in the market still dominated by Internet Explorer, Microsoft have been completely going the other way loosing as much ground as they’ve managed to obtain over their 10 year browser reign.

Microsoft will be launching their new browser Internet Explorer 8 very soon, and they are trumpeting it to be faster and more powerful than their competitors browsers could ever be! Even if by some miracle Microsoft develop a browser that is faster and more powerful than Firefox, their image has become so tainted by poor performance that they will be hard pressed to convert loyal Mozilla fans.

Internet Explorer lost much of its ground to Mozilla as the browser didn’t provide functionality to extend the browsers usefulness as Firefox did with add-ins, IE didn’t do a good enough job at rendering web pages quickly enough and IE has always been too clunky and memory hungry for most users, over Firefox which is significantly less memory intensive (especially with their latest revision 5.05).

A big part of the performance leaps Firefox has over IE is its very effective JavaScript Engine. As more and more websites are utilizing JavaScript for their dynamic page content web sites have been taking longer and longer to load and to accommodate this many browsers have made significant revisions to the way they process Java code in their browser. Mozilla has always been refining this technology in their browser with each revision, but Microsoft haven’t made a significant update to their JavaScript engine in years.

Microsoft are hoping to change all that with IE 8 but as I mentioned before, by the time IE 8 ships mid year, Mozilla probably would have released yet another version of their popular browser sucking away more and more market share from Microsoft making it difficult for MS to keep whatever market share they currently have.

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