New Apple iPod Shuffle

This week Apple have launched a new iPod Shuffle device which is far superior than the previous Shuffle.


The new iPod Shuffle is no bigger than a AA battery, no heavier than a key (10 grams) and thinner than any other iPod to come before it.

New Features:

  • VoiceOver – There’s a new function called VoiceOver. When you hold the middle (menu) button on the headphones a voice will tell you which song is playing and the artist. You can also use this new feature to navigate playlists, something that no shuffle device has ever been able to do simply because they never have screens to navigate your music.
  • 4GB, 1,000 songs! – The new iPod Shuffle comes in a 4GB model which will allow you to store up to 1,000 songs. The storage capacity is much larger than the previous 1GB you used to get on the older Shuffle. The new Shuffle (which now allows playlists) can also sync with iTunes just like every other iPod. Useful for managing your songs easier than outside of iTunes.

Apple have started selling these in Australia for $199. Cheaper than the iPod Nano, but more expensive than previous shuffle models, mainly due to the much larger storage capacity.

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