Youtube Is Full Of “Read The Hardware Specs” Videos

There are so many videos people create on Youtube and the likes of just basically reading hardware specifications straight off the spec-sheet for a product.

Whether you’re reviewing a laptop, new music player, mobile phone, HDTV, etc all people seem to do is just read off a list of specs, say what the product is and if they personally like it or not. Most of the time the person doing the video sounds like they don’t even know the product they’re trying to review. When they read the spec-sheet they don’t even know what half of the stuff they’re reading is!

I’ve seen countless videos where the reviewer would be like:

“This <insert product name here> has a:

  • Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
  • Some RAM….1,2GB i think
  • Super fast video card GoForce (GeForce) 8800 something….

Number one, its not very professional and two, you look like a dumb ass when you’re reading something you know NOTHING about!

In the interests of keeping the subjects of my rants anonymous I won’t post their STUPID videos here, but I’ve left comments on their videos….you know who you are!

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