Man Hit By V-Line Train at Werribee

This morning at approximately 7am a Werribee man was hit by a V-Line train while attempting to cross the tracks. Police had the Hoppers Crossing railway station locked down shortly after causing major train cancellations on the Werribee line.

Apparently there was a train travelling between Werribee and Hoppers Crossing stations at the time which had to be stopped which trapped hundreds of passengers for as long as 2 hours!

Sergeant Ron Fenton, of Werribee Police, said an unknown number of passengers had been trapped on a stationary train for more than two hours after the incident.

I was at the Werribee train station around 9am and it was bedlam, there were people everywhere and announcements going off every few minutes reminding us all of the huge cancellations that stopped thousands of travellers from reaching their destinations this morning.

I have no doubt the man who was hit would have died from that train impact and I feel bad for his family’s loss, but that’s what boomgates and pedestrian gates are for!

One thought on “Man Hit By V-Line Train at Werribee”

  1. Wow.. Lucky I got a lift to work that day. I didn’t even know about it. It’s sad but I agree that’s what boom gates are for.
    I’ve been on a regular train when it hit a young guy between hoppers and werribee on my way to school (years ago..) and they made us wait in the carriage for ages. Then made us get out and walk to werribee. He deliberately jumped in front of it though.
    Then when I finally got to school they didn’t believe why i was late!

    Oh well..

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