Computers For Everyone, Regardless of How Much Money You Have

There is an amazing place on Victoria street in West Melbourne called ‘Computerbank’ where you can purchase refurbished computer systems from as low as $15! They are a charitable organisation so they rely on community support for most of their stock.

It was originally set up to provide low income earners with an opportunity to obtain a computer system for their kids to do their homework on, for poor students to study on, for job seekers to find jobs with so they don’t get left behind and to give everyone a chance for a successful life regardless of your background or financial situation.

Computerbank recycles donated computers and distributes them to disadvantaged individuals and community groups.  Donated computers are tested, hard drives wiped, virus free open source software is installed on the computers and obsolete parts are recycled.  The recycled working computers come complete with a keyboard, monitor/screen and mouse and training booklet.  We also offer free training with each computer.  This work is carried out by volunteers, staff and Work for the Dole participants.

This place is really amazing and they do really great work for people in need. If you want to donate your old computers or spare parts they always welcome your support. Click here for more information on how to donate.

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