Optus Enters The ‘Naked DSL’ Market

There are two major Telco’s in Australia…Telstra and Optus, and as of a few days ago the 2nd largest telecommunications company in Australia has decided to enter into the ‘Naked DSL’ market.

For those of you who aren’t sure what Naked DSL is, it’s a broadband service offered by ISP’s that does not require an existing landline phone connection.

Optus today joins iiNet and several smaller telcos in offering "naked DSL" packages that allow people to connect to ADSL broadband without paying for a fixed line.

With mobile plans now offering hundreds of dollars worth of calls for less than $50 and some tech-savvy Australians making calls over their internet connections, the need for a landline has reduced dramatically. Source: The Age, march 2 2009: Last rites for the landline as Optus joins the ‘naked dsl’ brigade

As less and less Australians are using landline phones it makes sense that more and more ‘naked dsl’ services are being offered. Optus has been reluctant to enter this market as it didn’t want to jeopardise its established landline phone network (same reason Telstra hasn’t entered the market yet) but after seeing iiNet’s success with the service, Optus decided to hop on board.

The big difference between smaller ISP’s and Optus is that optus also carries mobile phone services, and it can augment its naked-dsl packages with mobile phone plans bring the total bill price down.

After a few months, it will be interesting to see if Telstra follows suit. If they do, it could mean the beginning of the end for the old landline phone service!

One thought on “Optus Enters The ‘Naked DSL’ Market”

  1. Oh wow… Go Optus!!! About time they did something about this. Having to pay $30+ in land line rental each month just so that you can have dsl connected is madness.

    I can imagine dsl sales will rocket. They should have entered the market a while back though. Everyone is on the wireless fad atm.

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