Microsoft To Release Windows 7 In September?

According to the gadget and technology blog electronista, Microsoft may release windows 7 to the public late September or early October 2009.

Microsoft could have Windows 7 on shipping PCs by September, Compal president Ray Chen said today at an investor’s conference. The PC contractor executive understands from plans that the software should be available in either late September or early October. The news would corroborate word of an April release candidate that would let Microsoft finish, manufacture and deliver Windows 7 well ahead of the holidays.

This is something Microsoft really need to do. They totally lost out on their windows vista product unable to penetrate the business market which is where Microsoft make most of their profits on their Windows products.

So far Windows 7 has proven itself amongst IT professionals and beta testers with their windows 7 beta 1 proving a great success. Windows starts up almost 50% faster, runs on significantly lower spec hardware (some have even loaded it on netbook PC’s) and in general is much more responsive. This is quite amazing for an operating system that can run on a lower spec machine than what you’re currently using on your windows vista PC.

I hope Microsoft learn from their mistakes made on the Vista project. For starters they need to get rid of their 6 different product lines from their vista OS and make it right with Windows 7. All they need is a (good) home version, kinda like home premium, then a business version and lastly an ‘ultimate’ type version for windows 7.

I’m looking forward to the release of windows 7. I personally cannot wait to change my OS from vista to something a little more responsive. At one stage I was dual-booting my machine with Ubuntu 8.10 but gave up on that (I do most of my work on the windows OS…I’m a windows software developer after all!).

C’mon Microsoft, give us current vista users a free upgrade (or at least a cheaper purchase) of windows 7 in September!

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