Why Do Men Like Boobs So Much?


What a question! It’s right up there with, “What is the meaning of life?” and “why does this shoe fit better than the other one?”. Why do men like boobs so much? I think it all comes down to basic instinct and human evolution.

Basic Instinct:
Many men were breastfed when they were babies, and perhaps it is a subliminal reminder of those cushy days. Although we don’t remember feeding on breasts, there may be something in our minds that is triggered when we see or feel them that gives us good feelings. Feelings of being nurtured or cared for that is soothing. Or, maybe it’s just because we don’t have them ourselves and we just want what we don’t have?

Maybe its a genetic evolutionary thing? There have been studies to show that women with bigger breasts produce healthier babies and maybe something along those lines are wired into our brains? Men obviously want a woman that will give him healthy offspring and this notion extends not only to human beings, but most animal species on the planet.

Or simply, we all know men like to play with toys, especially when they’re big and soft and we all know we like to sleep? Maybe they remind us of a soft pillow to sleep on? Maybe we just like em because THEY’RE BOOBS!

17 thoughts on “Why Do Men Like Boobs So Much?”

  1. i’m a female,i’m not really shure why men are attracted to women with big breasts,or like breasts in general.I guess…it may remind them of a safe place or {haven},to lay their head…dunno but i guess big breasted women make them feel like a bt of motherleeness but that would be weird.hmmm…i am currently still developing my breasts,but they are HUGE at the moment,it kinda suprised me.but when my friend was over i could see him looking at them while i was breathing.

  2. i dont know why they love them so much but its kinda crazy. truth be told they are just fat yes thats right just fat. thats why most women that are bigger heve larger boobs and skiny athletic chicks dont have any but it drives me crazy. out of my mind crazy when a guy cant stop to look at you and is only there for your tatas!

  3. Not sure I buy the subliminal message of ‘breastfed days.’ Girl babies are brestfed, too. And I am sure the majority are not turned on by other women’s breasts. I think it’s actually something that was once just psychological but it eventually turned physical. As in…nudity is a risque thing. Especially back in the olden days. So just seeing a woman naked was a turn on…and yes, unlike men, they have breasts. So the breasts were risque, as was the nudity, in general.

  4. It Just because you naturally want to adventre into the unknown, to men, the breast is omething they dont have, they’ll just love to see it and touch it over and over agian

  5. i Think its because they jst wont what they cnt have and it drives them crazy.or they jst like lookin because there jst there!i know my boyfriend dose:)

  6. hi dis is rod from Philippines,i just visit to this page to see what is happening to me,,am i crazy or what? I am so maniac with boobs, or am i sick? had a complication in my brain??why am i like this? i travel beacause i want to see huge tits, i am walking because i want to see them juggling, i work on my business because i want to see every other woman’s breast or nipple,even their teens, 20’s 30’s 40’s.. Why? though they’re not so beautiful not sexy fat..im so attracted with my it.

  7. im 13 and i obsest with BOOBS and i think i night just like them a bit to much even in class i stair it the female teacher and some of the developing girls around me and i can get a bit to use to em and it turns out bad

  8. I think that guys like our breasts because they are beautiful, soft and fun and they like to tease us a little. Also, since someone said something about us being girls and not being interested in our own chests, I will give you this. I am not a lesbian, nor do I want to do another girl ever yuck, but seeing another woman’s breasts does turn me on a little its because the nakedness makes me think of you know, a man and woman in “unity” together you know? Sometimes it even gets the same reaction from me whenever I see my own body. I guess because that nakedness just represents a sort of wildness that turns me on. Am I making any sense? I do also apologise if I have disturbed anyone in any way, I just wanted to be honest and my honest opinion about breasts is that they are a beautiful part of all of us women and it would do us some good to accept them as they are and just learn to appreciate how and why men appreciate them too. Also, for you guys who are worried that you are obsessed, don’t worry, you are men, it is just your preference, it may change over time and it IS perfectly natural. Now all of you stop worrying. 🙂

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