Want A Sure-fire Way Of Ruining A Song? Set It As Your Ringtone!

Have you ever heard the saying “Play a song to death and you’ll get sick of it!”, well that’s exactly what happens and there’s no faster way of doing that than to set the song in question as your ringtone on your phone.

iphone Most people these days don’t use the default ringer tone on their phone for incoming calls, they set their favourite songs as their ringtones, but why do this? Why send your favourite songs to an early grave? What will most likely happen is you’ll have the song set on your phone for about a week and after an entire week of calls you’ll be so sick of the song (and maybe even the artist) it will take you ages to get back into them.

This is one of the main reasons why I defy the trends and just use the default ringer. People will say that’s boring, people may even call it stupid, but when I’m sitting on a train and hear somebody’s phone ring to the sound of Britney Spears “Hit me baby one more time”, I’ll just have to hit them!

2 thoughts on “Want A Sure-fire Way Of Ruining A Song? Set It As Your Ringtone!”

  1. Im with you 100% on this one JD. I have a default ringtone on my mobie. Although it’s not the old fashioned ‘ring, ring’ styled tone… It’s definitely not as ‘hip’ as the latest songs in the Top 40.

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