Headphones: Blissful Listening

I’ve been saying for years that headphones can deliver superior sound quality compared to earphones or even conventional speaker systems. Why? Because headphones place you right in the middle of the sound so you don’t get audio degradation as it travels through the air.

Take a look at this extract from an article written by Rod Easdown in The Age newspaper this morning. He knows what he’s talking about – “Compare: Headphone Heaven”.

"HEADPHONES have been getting a bad rap lately and it’s all because of iPods. So let’s pause for a moment and recall why we were attracted to headphones in the first place: headphones sound fantastic.

The reason for this isn’t rocket science. When you listen to music through conventional speakers, you’re very seldom in the sweet spot, that hallowed position out in front, exactly equidistant from each speaker. So their stereo image is less than perfect.

But slap on a pair of headphones and you’re there, plumb in the middle of the orchestra, with instruments on the right and left and the conductor dead centre of your head. And you can hear all the fine detail of the high notes because these fragile, highly directional soundwaves aren’t breaking down before they reach your ears."

So go on then, if you even slightly consider yourself an audiophile go buy yourself some decent headphones you’ll be doing yourself a favour. I took the plunge about a year ago spending about $300 on a good pair of Sennheiser headphones. It was a bigger than usual investment for me for audio equipment but was definitely worth it.

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