Victorian Wild Fires Continue – Obama Extends A Helping Hand

obama_sad With the current Victorian bushfires still blazing and fire crews stretch extremely thin, US president Barack Obama has extended his sympathies for the losses we’ve suffered and also offering to provide extra fire crews if we need them.

"The President offered his prayers to the people of Australia and his condolences to the victims," the statement said.

"The President asked if the US could provide assistance to the government and people of Australia to assist with the fire." Source: The Age 10th February 2009

In previous years the US has provided fire fighting forces of varying sizes to help combat some of our fire seasons as we have done in the past and just recently sending fire crews to fight wild fires in California a few months ago.

It’s nice to know there are others out there in the world who are eager to lend their support to us in such a terrible time.

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