Fight Night Round 4 – Q3 2009 Release

Get ready ‘Fight-Night’ fans, it has been announced that EA Canada has been hard at work over the past few months creating the next instalment of the beloved Fight Night franchise – FNR4.

Here’s a look at the latest trailer:

Since Round 3 the team has been working very hard on improving the already amazing level of physics in the game, so soon that lucky one-hit knockout won’t rely on so much luck.

As with every other recently released EA Sports game, the push for Fight Night Round 4 was to replace dice-rolling code with algorithms based on sheer Newtonian physics. No more can landing a one-hit knockout be called lucky; Fight Night Round 4 pushes probability to the wayside and allows F=ma decide who’s the undisputed champ of the ring. Source:

I absolutely loved Fight Night Round 3 on the Xbox 360. I’ve finished the entire game (even all the achievements) so I absolutely cannot wait for FNR4 to come out.

As of this moment it it scheduled to release in the 2nd half of 2009 on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

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