Top Gear Live Trip: Sydney Day 2

Well guys, Top Gear Live was pretty awesome. As promised, here are some pics I took of the occasion:


Unfortunately there was no photography allowed so I was kind of limited to what I could actually shoot (on my camera phone, apologies for the poor quality it was kinda dark). Look out tomorrow I’ll post some more general photos of the rest of my trip to Sydney.

Once we finished up at Acer Arena we caught the train back to the Sydney CBD (oh that was fun, gotta love Sydney’s public transport, although it was better than Melbourne’s lol). I did some sightseeing and stuff like that and showed Aubree around the town which was nice :).

Apologies for the smaller than usual post, my plane was delayed by 6 hours so I’m back in Melbourne a lot later than planned so I’m kinda tired but be sure to check out tomorrow’s post I’ll be a bit more awake then 🙂

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