Top Gear Live Trip: Sydney – Day 1

06022009126Well I’ve arrived at the Swissotel hotel this morning in Sydney as I’m here this weekend to see the Top Gear Live show at Acer Arena as I mentioned in “Top Gear Live Sydney – February 7th 2009” 

So last time I was in Sydney I stayed at the Four Seasons which is really nice, better than the Swissotel but where I am this weekend is still good. Here’s some pictures of my room:

Its nice with some nice views and internet access is fast and we all love that don’t we!

me_workingSo today on the agenda I think we’ll just take it easy for a while this morning, and we’ll go take a look around Sydney later this afternoon. Aubree (my girlfriend for the uninitiated) has never been to Sydney before so it will be a good chance to do some touristy stuff like check out the Opera House, take a ride on the monorail, check out Darling Harbor and the Harbor bridge and I really want to show her Circular Quay and maybe the top of Centerpoint Tower. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll definitely be going on the harbor cruise. I went on that on my first visit to Sydney and it’s a great way to get familiar with the city.

Obviously, If I take any photos you’ll be the first to see them here!

The Top Gear Live show isn’t until tomorrow (Saturday) morning so I’ll let you know how that all goes in a post tomorrow along with many many photos of course 🙂

Thanks guys, I’ll check back in soon!

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