Life In The Fats Lane

What are we all supposed to do? That’s the question of this century when it comes to our health.

overweightA lot of us live a fast existence. We work for the majority of the day, we come home and the last thing we want to do is slave away in the kitchen for an hour or two cooking dinner. It doesn’t sound like much, just get in the kitchen and cook something decent, but the truth is…we’re a lazy bunch of people these days.

When you come home from work, you just want to lay down and watch TV, surf the web, read a book, listen to music.

The last thing on our minds is…what’s my waistline going to think of this?

That is the question though, what are we supposed to do? Go to the gym? Go for a run? Unfortunately that’s easier said than done.

I myself try to get our for some exercise at least a couple times a week, and most weeks I do but what about the weeks that I don’t. That seems to be where most of the changes are made to your body. You’re still sucking down the same amount of food as you did the week before, only this week you’re not doing anything to burn it.

More and more people die from heart disease and other problems caused by being overweight these days than any other reason. This alone doesn’t seem to be enough to motivate us so what can? Anti-smoking ad campaigns don’t seem to be reducing the number of smokers in this country and they basically use the same tactics. The advertisements telling you to quit because it will kill you has the same effect as if you were overweight and somebody told you to start eating healthily or else you will die. It makes you want to quit, but do people actually quit…no!

The truth of the matter is, that when we come home from work after a long and busy day and even more so these days with the economy in such a slump…people are making cutbacks, and they’re making cutbacks maybe not the best places.

More and more people are opting for take-away foods. Reason being: It’s cheap! Its much cheaper to say get a meal at McDonalds every night these days than actually do a grocery shop for decent food! Many places these days sell fruit and vegetables in pre-packed bags to make it easier for us to select healthier foods and some of us actually buy these (myself included). Its convenient, its better for you than take-away but how come the number of overweight or obese people increases?

You know what I think? I’m guessing you do because you’ve read this far down the page. I think most of the problem is a mental one. Maybe not a genetic one, but a mental one. Personally I’m stuck in my ways, I get home from work and I sit around because I’m too lazy to get up and exercise. If I can break the habit and exercise every night after work instead of sitting around, I’d start to see some changes in my body I bet! I wouldn’t call myself overweight just yet, but If I keep doing what I’m doing I’ll be there and it will be harder and harder to turn back.

Is there anything we can do to change the way our society views health and being overweight? Its more dangerous than people think!

One thought on “Life In The Fats Lane”

  1. This is such an honest piece of writting. I agree completely. In my case, I don’t eat fruit or salad.. Any fruit or salad at all. So it definitely helps that vegetables just so happen to be served at the main meal of the day as this is the only really health food group I eat. This still doesn’t mean that I have the motivation to actually eat them.

    When it comes to exercise – What female wants to go out at 7.30pm when they usually get home and jog in the dark.. completely valnerable to any stranger willing and able to overpower them. I could join a gym… but who wants to pay membership?

    I guess one day I will be forced to work out to avoid the weight factor.. but for now.. Im enjoying my young twenty-something year-old metabolism! hehe.

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