What Do You Do In Hot Weather?

Well Melbourne has seen its share of hot days this summer with 3 days 43C or above, not to mention the heatwaves seen right across the country.

So, what do you do to keep yourself cool? For those of us unlucky enough to have air-conditioning we have to invent new and crazy ways just to keep ourselves cool.

I’ve got a pedestal fan that’s been working well but if the room is hot then it basically just blows around hot air. I’ve taken showers during the day and at night to keep cool and I’ve stayed in the car for brief periods with the air-con on in there just for an escape.

If its that hot inside and during the day you may as well go to the pool (indoor, outdoor you’re likely to shrivel into nothingness) but what do you do at night? How do you sleep at night in crazy heat?

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