You Like My Good Grammar?

After some very constructive comments by those who shall remain unnamed (you know who you are), on hot stinking days my grammar suffers as a consequence. This is what happens when you’re day job isn’t in writing English, but writing C# and JavaScript (and a little PHP) like a crazy man for 12 hours a day.

What would the world be like if all us programmers could use the languages we know best to write about the stuff we like. I could explain a great day at the beach in a few lines of code, but it would take me paragraphs upon paragraphs of English for me to convey the same idea.

if(($swim==true) && ($surf==true) && ($checkHotChicks=true))
echo "The beach was awesome day, swimming surfing and scoping girls is always so much fun!"; }
echo "I should have gone home!";

Obviously this wouldn’t work in reality, but imagine if it could! Man I’m such a nerd! lol.

So anyway, if your grammar sucks, nobody wants to read what you have to say because basically…nobody can understand what the hell you are saying without good grammar!

I’ve learnt my lesson, mission accomplished!

One thought on “You Like My Good Grammar?”

  1. Your idea of a great day at the beach involves scoping out girls? Should I be worried lol

    Keep posting the funnies hun, I love reading them 🙂


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