Blu-ray Gaining Momentum As Player Price Falls Below $400

Ah Blu-Ray…the little engine that could! Only a year or two ago my friend you were in competition for you life with HD-DVD. You were more expeBluraynsive to both buy and manufacture compared to the much cheaper HD-DVD and the only thing you had going for yourself was bigger storage space which just didn’t justify the cost.

And here we are 2 years later with HD-DVD dead and Blu-Ray triumphant.

With the competition over with HD-DVD, Blu-Ray has progressively gotten cheaper and cheaper with more and more movie titles being released by big name studios, no wonder why consumers are taking interest in the new technology.

The only thing stopping Blu-Ray from really beginning its dominance over DVD is the cost of Blu-Ray players…But not for long!

With more and more manufacturers sinking their money into Blu-Ray now that HD-DVD is gone, the competition for Blu-Ray players has increased bringing the average price of a player down to around AUD$400 making it cheap enough for anyone to buy one.

The current average price point is similar to DVD players in the market when DVD technology was 2 years old so its giving us a really good indication of what we can expect to see in the next few years.

I would say in the next 2 years again (2011) we could see Blu-Ray player costs reduce by half again and when that day arrives, will be the day we’ll say goodbye to our old friend DVD I think.

One thought on “Blu-ray Gaining Momentum As Player Price Falls Below $400”

  1. You’re a wealth of information JD! Very interesting indeedie. This would explain also why DVDs are selling so cheap.. Don’t stock the collection up boys and girls! Technology advancements, while great for our standard of living, they’re awfully costly – more-so via undue obscelence of existing devices/collections than anything.

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