The Day The Earth Stood Still – Literally


Just like something out of a movie, quite literally. Boxing day has to be one of the most amazing days in the retail calendar. You arrive at a shopping centre (if you aren’t dead yet from finding a parking space) and it’s as if the whole world has been put on pause. You can’t move, you can’t hear because of the noise, you can’t speak because there’s no point. Its like being catapulted into space except you don’t explode on your way out (although your brain is probably a boiling mush.!) How was your christmas? Did you manage to grab some awesome boxing day sales?

One thought on “The Day The Earth Stood Still – Literally”

  1. Hey JD!

    Love this article! It’s very true. I didn’t bother going anywhere near the shops this past boxing day. Whichever politician said that the Australian public aren’t spending due to the economic crisis is obviously very wrong.

    Anyways, I hope that you had a wonderful christmas =)… Text me sometime if you want to catch up.


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