Back Amongst the Living…(Or maybe I’m just back blogging again!)


After a very long hiatus (besides one post, 12 months) I’m back writing here on my blog. My goal is to bring the site back to its former glory, trying some new and interesting things and just see what happens with it. I’ve been out of the blogsphere for quite some time and boy has the landscape changed.

There are so many bloggers out there these days, so many people trying to get their voices heard on various subjects that interest them that its hard to really figure out which ones are the good ones and which aren’t really worth your time. My re-entry into blogging isn’t to try and please the masses or to strive to get the most hits in a single day…I’m back with a fire in the belly (a bellyfire I hear it called lol) to redeem my passion for writing and only writing about the stuff that interests ME the most.

I look forward to getting back to writing on here, and if by some miracle¬† my site starts getting popular again simply from the content I like to write about, then that’s great and more power to me. It’s a great way for likeminded people to get together and discuss the topics that interest them most, and to get people talking about the important issues (and perhaps not so important) is one of the great goals I hope I can reach.


One thought on “Back Amongst the Living…(Or maybe I’m just back blogging again!)”

  1. Glad to have you back JD! You used to love writing! I’m glad you’ve found the passion again =)

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