Windows developer dumps “pile of crap” for MacOSX

Pete Wright who is was a programmer for Microsoft Windows one day dreamed of joining Microsoft to contribute to the computer industry and really change the way people use computers.

I dreamed of working at Microsoft. When Microsoft joined up with Accenture to form Avanade the word ‘consultant’ sounded so wonderfully romantic to me and I wondered if ever I’d make it there as one of the elite band of Avanade consultants, spreading the Microsoft message all over the world. I dreamed of systems that would change lives, help people, and do cool new things never seen before”  – Pete Wright (MacDailyNews).

Now how things change so quickly. Everybody who knows anything about computers knows that Microsoft’s flagship product ‘Microsoft Windows’ is a spaghetti code situation at best, once with the idea that complexity in how an operating system is designed would better the overall product has eventually ended up with a product that is a nightmare to code for, and almost a bigger headache for an end-user to use.

So Pete has done what many programmers im sure have thought at Microsoft before, he has jumped ship to go work for Apple Computer to work on a project which prides it self on end-user simplicity, and a much more managable code-base…Apple MacOSX.

To read all about Pete’s experiences with working with Microsoft and his jump into MacOSX, be sure to check out his blog entry entitled “Goodbye Microsoft, Pete has left the building!”. It is really interesting and well worth a read if you are a programmer youself or student with the same dream of working with Microsoft has Pete once had.

2 thoughts on “Windows developer dumps “pile of crap” for MacOSX”

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