Exams are over! How do you celebrate?

Yay! My university exams are finally over. I cannot believe it, there was a time there where it felt as if they would never finish. Although I have finished, I recently got a new job in Melbourne that I start tomorrow so no breaks for me, off to work I go. But it’s not all that bad, I’ll be working for a month then I’ll get my christmas break from work for about two weeks or so.

So I’ve got a few end of year parties coming up for uni, but I found myself wondering…If I didn’t have to goto work right now, what would I be doing for end of year celebrations? How would I be celebrating? Mmm…

  • Party all day and all night
  • Stay at home
  • Sit by the calendar and wait for the new semester!

However you celebrate it, let us know in the comments section. I would be interested on any huge parties happening in your area and what other students get up to this time of year.

5 thoughts on “Exams are over! How do you celebrate?”

  1. School exams are ovah! 😀 i thought id be happy but im not, kinda lack purpose now….damn. well i got leftover fireworks and some turpentine. I’ll figure summin owt. PARTY DOWN!

  2. Mine got over sometime back too- not that it makes much difference to me. I have started studying for a certification exam 😦

    anyway, the undergrads here get drunk in fashion! Loud parties, louder music 🙂

    Oh, I did have a couple of beers though 🙂

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