President Bush – “I hear there’s rumors on the uh… Internets”

George.W.Bush has struck it again, this time with the comagulation (if that is even a word) of Internet to “Internets”. Don’t look now people…there’s rumors on the uh…Internets!!!

Oh how I love it!

2 thoughts on “President Bush – “I hear there’s rumors on the uh… Internets””

  1. I can tell you where the word “comagulation” came from because I made it up!
    I had a boss that loved to use words that weren’t in the dictionary. You know the Moe Howard (Three Stooges for you yunguns’) “I’m a bigshot” type. Anyway my boss loved to use “big” words so one day we made up the word “comagulation” which meant to discuss ideas and come up with solutions. At least that’s what we told him when he asked what we were doing one day. Then we waited to see how long it would take for him to use this “big word”. Well about 3 months later we were at a national sales event where he was delivering a speach when he used the word 3 times in one sentence talking about why his branch was Number 1. There was a small roar from our corner of the room. When he came down from the podium we informed him that the word “comagulation” was made up purely to get a good laugh when he finally used it.
    I’m applying to Webster’s to have it coined as a word in the next edition. Your welcome to use the word anytime and please do lot’s of comagulating…it’s fun and makes this world a better place. Just ask GW.

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