16 thoughts on “Dr. Phill busts scammers”

  1. Dr phill, I watched your show on today (thanksgiving day) and there was the women that were being scammed for supposed love. after your show went off i got a message from a guy on myspace. Talking about being in africa. I didnt respond to him because of your show. i think it is actually pretty funny becuase all the people on my page are african american except my family. that is funny. have a nice day Dr phill.

    Jesse Perry
    Tazewell, Va

  2. hi dr phill i watch your show i need to now i meet this
    women on line her name is kelly i need to find out in who she is if her name is kelly and she says shes in nigeria
    and she ben asking me for money for her ticket so she can get out here to be with me and shes asking for 800.00 so
    she can get out here so i need you to help me out i wood
    like you to find out for me if im being scammed by here
    heres her email address is kelly 4uhoney@yahoo.com ok be
    for i send her the money for her ticket i will be on your
    show but i wood like her to be there to and heres the travels agent email address is travels wefiit01 ok
    i wood like to let this show be were i can not be seen
    i need your help can you have them invisgate on this for
    me ok reply

  3. hi dr.phil

    i think this has happend to me, a few months back i started communicating with this guy on myspace saying he was from new mexico but was in nigeria for a contracting job. we talked for a few months on the phone and he decided he was going to come to the states and talking about marriage and how he loved me. he asked for money and told me he had everything stolen so i sent him some twice. large amounts.

    well recently the week of thanksgiving he was suppose to show up and never did and supposedly he got in an accident, several men have called to tell me he needed me to come to nigeria or send more money to help with his bills. because he needs surgey because hes in Critical condition.

    i got on myspace and typed in nigeria and ive found three with his pictures but all different names. such as john thomas, which was the name he used for me. Chad and Felix.

    i think all these men are in this together, so please get back to me.

    thanks, Lisa

  4. DC. PHIL PLEASE HELP ME.I have a hasbund and three kids,BUT I LOVE ANOTHER MEN. want him to go alway but i cant do it.i have to many problemas, i just cant be with him, i love him but i cant.. please help me take him alway from me, I cant live loving todd like i do please help me…..cida. CELL PHONE 1-706-372-1427 georgia.

  5. Yes correct hans. he is very sick. Some times he think he is jesus.
    And his wife is always smiling.

    I think he wants a sekte and than the kill themself.

    Joody, bangkok

  6. If any one is considering a long distant relationship out side the US or possibly marrying some one under a student or visitors visa. I would strongly recommend you get acquainted with the new US immigration policies. Since 9/11 congress has made immigration harder for foreign nationalist. This information can help you spot scammers; because they are too lazy to learn about this information. I had a girl claiming to be from Russia and needed $1200 to come to the US. She said that she had a visitor’s visa and wanted to get married upon arriving here. I told her about the new visa laws and the person tried to claim she quit her job and was in a bad way. I contacted a introduction service in Russia to check her out and found out that the address was to a mans house that was suspected to be involved with the Russian mafia. I personally never send money to any one I don’t know and I have heard it all. I have even had woman here in the US try the same scams. Also the email address can tell you a lot about were they are truly at. ru=Russia, ch=China, ja=Japan and so on. I have had people in Japan claim to be in Russia and people in Russia claiming to be in Afghanistan, all of them claiming to need help. Live by a simple rule of not giving money to some one you have never met is the best response. Just a thought.

  7. hey dr. phill.. i kinda need u’r help.. or u’r advice.. i wanna kill my self.. i don’t wanna live anymore ..i have nothing 2 live 4.. can u contact me .. i need serias help .. and no one here can help me … plz help me.. u’v got my email ..

  8. I saw the show about those women and I was suprised how those women can do these thing about agreat person how dowing a mazing work for peopel any how me and my waife from yours viewers and we want to thanks you for waht you do and I hope the best for you and your family by the way we are from King dom of saudi arabia.

    Thanks and best regard.

  9. hi Dr phill i live in South Africa i was wondering if u cild help me find a job there. i have a baby and i’m doing secretarial studies at Rosebank college. i have passed the following subjects: business communication,end user computing, secretarual study,but this symester i’m doing pastel accounting,typing, business etiquette and public relations. my problem is i failes accounting and business culculations and i dont see if i could ever passed these subjects.please help me i need a job, my baby is 13 months old and i’m 22 yrs. me and the father of my baby we are still at tetiarie school. please fone me on this nomber (031)909 2221 my ADDRESS IS
    SOUTH AFRICA, DURBAN, 4000, Z 2690 UMLAZI, 4031

  10. MY name is bailey brown. My mom and dad are in a deforce they are in afight I want to see if u could do something about it because my dad is cheating he is 40 year old and is fucking a 25 year old and it would be great if u could do something about it.If you wold like to contac me here is my number.(228)218-4377).

  11. hi dc phil i want you to help me so badly plz i need a help
    well … the problem is immaried and i still touch my hand ?
    iknow it not normal but i need a help how i can do to stop that bad hubby ?

  12. Dear Sir,
    Please accept my apologies if this mail does not suit your personal or business ethics ,though this medium (Internet) has been greatly abused, I choose to reach you through it because it still remains the fastest, surest and most secured medium of communication. I am searching for a reliable person becoming a partner to my distinguished client. I think it would interest and immensely be of great benefit to work with my client who wants to invest in the stable economy of your country.
    If you want to know I have one Mr. Peter Ibori (my client) is the junior brother to the Ex/governor of an oil rich state in Sudan .He is here in Ghana to protect his elder brother’s fund and some of his investment in Ghana that the Sudan government in conjunction with the financial Crime Commission (EFCC) are doing every thing possible within their reach to freeze our account.
    As a matter of urgency I am trying to look for a reliable person that can assist secretly to invest the fund in a joint venture business so that the fund can be transferred out of Ghana .
    Already the British court has pass an order restraining him from interacting with his own assets in the UK . This latest development is giving us here course for concern because most of us know here that this is a plot to freeze all his assets he has labored to acquire over the years.
    Although this issue is still in court awaiting final ruling , so to prevent this ugly incidence from degenerating in future we felt our $55,000,000 should be moved out of Ghana immediately to a save heaven for better investment. I’m also a worker in a bank and I know much about this fund. So lets join hands together so that the fund can be transferred into your account. I don’t want the management to know anything about it. I will later send you the details about the bank so that you contact them your self. I will write you a letter what to tell them.
    Yours faithfully,

    Mr Joel Addo
    CONTACT NUMBER:+233288244463

    EMAIL ID joel_addo2000@yahoo.com

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