What Vista should have been, 3 years ago!

This is an official Microsoft press video demonstrating the concept behind (then) ‘Longhorn’ and what it would be like. This video was released in 2003 and Vista sure does look absolutely nothing like this.

Funny how things change in 3 years!

One thought on “What Vista should have been, 3 years ago!”

  1. Holy Shit and Goddamn that just about got me excited for a moment about Vista. I worked with and tested the Longhorn Beta back in 2004 and it was NOTHING like those images. That looked actually quite cool. I am now working with RC2 and reviewing it for SebRT.com and so far I still don’t see it being ready for public digestion or even consumption.

    This version of Windows that is called Longhorn in the video is way slicker looking than the Longhorn I tried, looks like a Windows Blinds theme. Thanks for the video Justin..


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