Werribee DVD sex assault victim speaks out


The 17 year old girl who was physically and sexually assaulted by a group of Werribee teenagers last week has spoken out to local police giving a statement.

A police spokeswoman has confirmed that the girl did in fact attend a Werribee police station regarding the incident where she gave a statement to police regarding information on the suspects and any other details which may aid in a criminal investigation.

The girl was urinated on by many of the youths, tortured and even had her hair set on fire with cigarette lighters and deodorant cans to extend the reach of the flame.

The DVD which has been distributed throughout various secondary colleges in the area such as Werribee Secondary College and Kardinia International College which has been sold for $5 apparently has been handed into police, but police have not yet seen the recording.

“I confirmed that myself when I spoke to detectives today, Werribee police were not informed until yesterday morning and that was the first we had heard about it,” the spokesman said. – source: The Age – DVD Victim speaks to police

The father of the assault victim has urged all who have obtained a copy of the DVD to please destroy it to fight for his daughters right for justice in this heinous crime.

64 thoughts on “Werribee DVD sex assault victim speaks out”

  1. I think the kids involved should get a strong dose of their own medicine. But chances are they are so angry and hardened it would not do too much. I would like to hear an interview with one of the parents of the kids who did this and get their reaction.

  2. I agree. If I do happen to find an interview of one of the parents of these kids, I’ll be sure to post it here and let you guys know.

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  4. I live in an entirely different continent but the incident still horrifies me. It’s disturbing knowing that there are people out there who are prone to such sickening behaviour!

  5. People like this deserve to rot in hell. I hope they bend the law so these sick bastards can get a life sentence. Btw…their parents just thought it was “a bit of fun”

  6. This fellow here . . .:

    . . . says here: http://myspace.com/mikkanobie
    “cheers m8 but u gotta understand i burnt her hair a little bit apoligised then wen she got pissed on gave her my shirt and im getting in fucking shit. evericunt thinks im a tite ass cause of the fucking media its bs”

    run a google search for “biccy brendo”, gives this:
    . . . and the name “Brendan Thomas”

  7. The police have been involved in the case for quite some time now, and I would expect that these kids will be shown the full force of the law fairly soon. Prison must be awaiting them.

  8. Justin,

    You can make your own conclusions about whether the information is accurate (I am not really giving you it – just pointing to where it is). Compare the stills from CTM of the guy setting the girl’s hair alight to this guy’s pics on his myspace. The resemblance is certainly there.

    – A

  9. yo dese cuntz r bad man…
    dese arse lickin mothafokkaz r gonna pay hard u no… weither they get thrown inside or not… soooo many pplz wanna rip these cunts a new arsehole or 2… so nomatta wat dese cunts will get there piece of cake…
    all i no is dat dey all live in werribee and da guy in da top left pic.. is pretty well known round werribee and he rides a white BMX bike… ooh and if any1 knows the name Harley Stienblock.. den u should no all da boiz from dat movie, or most @ least…
    im outties

  10. yo dese cuntz r bad man…
    dese arse lickin mothafokkaz r gonna pay hard u no… weither they get thrown inside or not… soooo many pplz wanna rip these cunts a new arsehole or 2… so nomatta wat dese cunts will get there piece of cake…
    all i no is dat dey all live in werribee and da guy in da top left pic.. is pretty well known round werribee and he rides a white BMX bike… ooh and if any1 knows the name Harley Stienblock.. den u should no all da boiz from dat movie, or most @ least…
    im outties

  11. They should feed the pricks to the girls father.
    I am a father of a young girl if anyone does anything to my girl the law wont be able to protect them.
    I wont care if it takes me all my life if anyone hurts my girl i will get my pound of flesh!!!!
    Let this be a warning to any bastard planning simillar shit!!!

  12. BTW
    I have a black belt in Kyokushin
    You touch my little girl your life will be mine.
    The law will mean nothing to me

  13. what the boys did to that girl is degrading, inhumane, sick and twisted. and if the law still works they will get what is coming to them. it foesnt matter what prison your in paedophilia and rape isnt accepted.

  14. This is indeed horrifying. When you hear cases like these,one feels even strongly against rapists and murderers and smart lawyers who are trying to get them off the hook.

  15. if i find out who did dis i will take dis into my own hands… and ross i will find you i no what u did

  16. There are probably a million people with your attitudes out there and I don’t even know why I’m bothering with even one but let me repeat there have been no charges which means nobody has been arrested. The boys were not handed over to the police. The parents discovered their kids were connected and the parents and kids decided the best thing to do was to cooperate with them. Thats it.
    The media will not change there stories after the excellent result they had with the original line they began and to change there story would discredit them.
    You are all on a witch hunt and definitely travelling blind here.
    I don’t think that attacking the girl or her reputation will solve this problem. Well that’s just not me. She is also a human being. Her actions will also haunt her for a long time.
    The internet crime police have been great in deleting pages on request. They do have the ability to prosecute those people that threaten and harrass the kids and families but as yet they are not pursuing this at this point.

    The ability to comment anonomously has created a great sense of power over the internet I’ve come to realise.

    You see the police are investigating and the police and the legal system will sort this out.
    But there’s something else happening at the same time called a WITCHHUNT and they have there own judges, juries and punishments unlike those of centuries gone by.
    Its disgusting but its the facts. Lets not look in the mirror or what may not like who we have become.

  17. Rest assured most of these guys in DVD are doomed.
    Heard (via inside sources) that all charges will be laid in new year as soon as all evidence is gathered (which is taking police ages due to legal holdups) Lots of stuff went down afterwards including financial extortion and theft from girl because crew knew she hadnt told parents (shame etc)

  18. listener, I agree we should not believe all we see on the media; could we listen to the real story, as you know it? You hint at things but I for one would like to be properly informed. Please tell us.

  19. I guarantee you nobody wants to know the truth. People all over the net think they know already but I haven’t read anything even remotely close yet. Its not for me to say either. It will all come out in court.
    What they all did I find inappropriate. Thats it.
    The biggest problem now is when I read all over the net people saying they will kill, rape or harm the children, parents and families involved. This troubles me like you wouldn’t believe. I would never want my enemy to feel this troubled. Look back and think hard and hopefully you will be remorseful.
    I pray for you all.

  20. The boys filmed there own crime the idiots. The girl screamed numerous times, she had her hair set on fire three times, spat on, pissed over, called degrading names…..and then pressured into sex while traumatised …..yeah it was all with her consent my butt……. Let them experience the same pressure and degradation in jail at the hands of sexual predators and see if they run around saying “I consented”…….I have yet to hear any remorse or appologies in press from these boys to ease the burden of this poor poor girl or her family…… quite the reverse lots of braggin still …..especially some arsewipe called nathan…… cant wait to meet him if he ends up in here

  21. Cam – You are so gullible and stupid AND you haven’t seen the video because you are not describing the video being discussed.
    Let me remind you this is under police investigation. That means people have legal representation. Ummm …. that would mean lawyers advise ‘say nothing’ … especially to people like you and especially to the media … oh wait … you could be media … baiting people again … that was very cruel … and that’s how this started … I wonder who should be under investigation here …whatever.
    If you are ‘in here’ you would understand more than you pretend. You must have invented the game ‘chinese whispers’ cos you’re real good at it. If you actually believe the fake comments going around then you are very naive indeed.

  22. Listener You seem to be the great defender. Are you just spinning this line because you are the mother of one of these boys. Come clean and show your bias……

  23. you are one sick fuk, this is gonna get thrown all bak in your face one day. and the day this happends to you is the day that i will fkn laugh my ass off, you fkn dirty pig!!

  24. Actually enough of the Video of the girl being humiliated,degraded and made to suffer a number of offenses to the extent of sexual abuse are on the net. There is not enough pain in the world for these worthless excuses of human garbage. At least one of the fathers of the offenders is actualy profiting from selling the Dvds made. Not one of them has come close to apoligising. So Listener I hope you feel the same about “I would never want my enemy to feel this troubled” If your child goes through this kind torture but chances are if you do happen to have kids you wont have the goddamn balls to stand up for them Because from your words alone I can easily infer that you would like to listen and compare notes with the guy who has your daughters blood on his cock. Die. Slowly.

  25. “Listener is a Fucking Fag”…..if you have any information that proves the father of any of the boys is selling the DVD, name them. Or at least I would suggest you call the Police. Otherwise, stop spreading rumours. Someone is selling the DVD but I would assume they are not at all connected to the DVD other than probably getting their hands on a copy and burning copies themselves.

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  27. i rekon you guys should all watch the video before you make a judgment the chick wasnt a retard. she was Dumb enough to go to a town to meet 12 boys by herself. and if she was really a retard her parents wouldnt be letting her out then would they.
    I think the media need to get there facts straight before they make bullshit up.
    there the kids alone.

  28. Will it shows that our youhts moving toward extremation of
    sex and tells us that we should think more serious about
    sexual abus..
    i encourage the the girl to proceed and achiev justice
    and not stop revange
    becous its u r right and you may not avoid having u r right
    and punish that rascals..

  29. The kids obviously didnt know the amount of trouble this could get them into.. think back to your day, this is nothing compared to the other things that went on.. look at xavier at the moment.. ITS DRUG CAPITOL.. The victim said that all those kids were her friends and she didn’t mind, so b4 every1 jumps 2 conclusions wait for the real story.. NOT EVERYTHING IN THE MEDIA IS TRUE AND THIS IS ONE OF THOSE THAT THE MEDIA HAS FUCKED UP!!!!!. What they did wasn’t right but you cant go saying they should rot in hell, who eva said that shld go stick a 12foot pole up there ass… its easy to be judgmental but put yourself in those kids shoes.. its not easy being around your mates with the peer presure being at EXTREME! Those kids deserve PRIVACY(A WORD THE MEDIA DONT KNOW THE MEANING TO)!!!! i can proove the media is wrong (Today Tonight showed a old lady in chains and said thats how she lived.. The old lady come back on and said the interviewer BROUGHT THE CHAINS!!!! thats disgusting…!!! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED.. THESE KIDS ARNT PERFECT.. BUT EITHER ARE YOU!!!!!!!

  30. ok none of you dickheads no wat really happened the girl was 17 and she wasnt disabled.. my brother was in that dvd and i dont care wat any1 says coz that girl is a skanky slut and she offerd to give them all head jobs so shut the fuck up!!!

  31. I Live not to far from the werribee area and am good friends with people who know these ‘people’ and am disgusted by what happened but and as a legal student i hope they are tried as adults and given a swift and harsh phunsment and its not gonna be hard to find eveidence (sorry about the spelling)

  32. Dear Point Cook Boy

    I too am disgusted by the behaviour of 2 boys but I am more disgusted in your suggestion that the kids should be tried as adults.
    Hopefully if you are truly studying the law you will learn to have empathy and understanding.
    Also do not insult the law as they have already done extensive investigative work into the case.

    P.S. It insults your intelligence when you have to apologise for your spelling when using a computer. Check your computers contents for ‘spellcheck’.

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  35. Some of the boys involved bashed me a few months before the Werribbee DVD became public. If you want names Ill give em Listener

  36. Listener, I don’t find apologising for spelling nearly as insulting to someone’s intelligence as someone defending these boys in online forums. Can’t wait for all the truth to come out in court as promised.

  37. Unknown, your knowledge of what went down that day is about as inaccuratwe as one can get. One girl surrounded by twelve or so boys yelling, screaming, spitting, peeing on her, setting her hair on fire. Hell Id perform felatio on their parents too if i was in her shoes to get out of there.

  38. Well let’s see. There are many ways to look at this. Being from the states i realize how well the media can blow things out of proportion. I guess the problem now is whether or not the girl was willing to have this happen and was part of the prank. Was she willing and going along with a prank gone bad? or was she not willing and there need to be charges filed. The answers only change in my mind who should be prosecuted. If she wasn’t willing prosecute the teens to the fullest extent and put them in general pop over here at the bay(Pelican) or sing sing to let those boys go through what she did. If she was willing we as a society should be prosecuted for allowing our society to be reduced to watching or condone the making of a video of a girl being abused, burned and urinated on as a form of entertainment, and what i mean by condone is to glorify some who have made millions at the expense of anothers pain and suffering. Which i believe opens the door for our youths to follow in their footstpes. To try to get rich or make money by persecuting others is in my opinion stupid. Atleast Hitler believed what he was doing was for the betterment of germany and what do we think of him now? insane, monster, the list could go on. Well what names should we use for the people who do it for a dollar, a yen, or euro, or even worse just for a laugh? Willing or unwilling no human should have to go through that treatment, and we need to start looking at the problem, the problem is all of us. Everyone here is guilty for not doing enough to stop the decline of our civilization. If we did more than turn a blind eye and deaf ear, and open our wallets for some, maybe we would never have seen this video.

  39. tooo be honestt, im matess with some of these guys that were in the moviieee, they don’t set a very good example on themseleves, butt it her simply her own fault, she shouldn’t be involved, she gave him head infront of all of them, and NO its not right to light her hair on fire, but its her own fault!

  40. Giiiimamm your knowledge of what went down that day is naive too. I repeat One girl surrounded by twelve or so boys yelling, screaming, spitting, peeing on her, setting her hair on fire. Hell Id perform felatio on their parents, their grandparents and anyone else related too if i was in her shoes to get out of there.

    Read back through all the posts mate to get a better understanding. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to cases like this.

  41. OOOOhhh Biccy B im sooooo scared
    Your repuation for getting head
    gonna do you in
    and your little sin
    of putting pressure on the feminine
    is going over the line
    like a cat o nine
    so look out chum
    and dont act dead
    the law is coming to mess with your head

  42. The latest news

    Werribee DVD youths plead guilty, avoid jail
    Sasha Shtargot
    July 21, 2007

    Seven youths who pleaded guilty to making a DVD that showed a girl being sexually assaulted and degraded in Werribee last year will not be jailed.

    The seven, who appeared at a Children’s Court hearing yesterday, will instead be assessed for an adolescent sexual rehabilitation program.

    They face two charges of procuring sexual penetration by intimidation and one of assault and making and producing child pornography.

    The DVD was shot in June last year when the 17-year-old girl, who has mild developmental delay, was taken by the youths to the edge of the Werribee River.

    It includes footage of the sexual act, of men urinating on the girl and throwing a cup of urine on her. It also shows them setting her hair alight three times.

    They throw her top and jacket into the river and tell her: “You’re walking home topless.”

    The judge said the youths’ guilty plea was a strong indication of their remorse.

    “The idea is that the defendants now have some rehabilitation and education in how not to treat women,” the judge said.

    The video, which was sold at schools for $5, sparked public uproar when excerpts were revealed on television four months after it was made.

    The seven youths will appear in court again on August 8 for a further plea hearing. Four other youths who intend to challenge the charges will face court in September.

  43. Let this weigh heavily on their souls. Sad excuses for human beings. Even the jackals that bore them must be ashamed.

  44. Hey are you that guy that stands on the box in the town square with a bible in one hand preaching the end of the world??

  45. yous are all fuckhead why dont you watch the fucking movive befor you make a comment any one with half a brain would know that the media makes up shit, if u do watch the movie on the tv lookat the msn she said (i love to catch up for a cooffe), its her own fault

  46. Yeah right on anonymous ……you little pussy, 6 months of police investigation, 1000 pages of evidence, 8 boys plead guilty and you expect us to believe you………a bit late mate

  47. How sad that the decent people of Australia don’t have a decent legal system to protect them. If they can’t protect people from animals like this, what is the reason for their existence??? What are the police doing? Drinking Fosters and molesting dingoes?

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