Werribee gang assault DVD news coverage

With the article I wrote yesterday ‘Myspace pages of Werribee scumbag gang members’, I received huge interest in the story with people wanting to know more about the horrific acts committed against a 17yr old girl by a group known locally only as ‘The Werribee Boys’ since the story aired on various television networks across the country Tuesday night (24-10-06).

For anybody living internationally or for those who missed the news story which aired on Channel 7’s Today Tonight current affairs program, you can watch the full coverage here:

Thanks to MyCrimeSpace for the link to the clip and their support of my blog’s continuing coverage on the assault in Werribee.

66 thoughts on “Werribee gang assault DVD news coverage”

  1. She is a liar, I heard that she was smiling when they were having sex with her. She was willing, thats why this case hasn’t gone any wheres

  2. Yeah i think she loved getting her hair lit on fire and a cup of piss thrown on her.

    Have you seen the DVD? .. sorry of course you haven’t or you wouldn;t be talking absolute rusbish.

  3. ok just a couple of things,

    whoever jjfjfjfjfjf is u can get f***ed, did you just watch that footage? because if you did then you must be blind, stupid, or one of them. How many people do u know of who like getting pissed on and their hair lit on fire? Haha i like this “it was the girls fault in the first place she shoud no better then to talk or meet with strangers” apart from the numerous grammatical errors what you’re attempting to do is to justify what these boys have done, by saying she should have not met up with them, now thats just crap. Are you saying it’s right that they did what they did?

    I suggest that you go to school, learn how to spell/develop some decent arguementative skills, and perhaps some morals on the way and edit your post, and try not to make a f***en fool of yourself.

    And no mate “she smells” is not an arguement.

  4. i have a feeling a lot of the pro posts are from little boys and girls who can’t believe that their mates did anything wrong. This happens EVERY TIME that there’s something like this. Don’t believe me? Read the coverage of the Glen Ridge rape or “Our Guys” I bet you anything, in ten or twenty years you’ll look back and be horrified at how you reacted to this case. Yeah, the feelings of a bunch of sadistic bullies are so much more important then their victim. Rah rah rah……We gotta go PARTY!!! He he he! This is so funny!
    For crying out loud……….the victim’s developmentally delayed! Even kids with Asperger’s or other non MR social issues or even “normal” kids have trouble with social issues. I mean god, haven’t you seen all that shit on Myspace about how child molesters can meet up with kids?
    Oh, and the victim is a PERSON……..a PERSON. She has feelings. Sure she’s developmentally delayed, but you know what? She’s more of a human then those boys will ever be!

  5. im a youth, im 16 years old and what these boys have done to this girl discusts and upsets me.
    now people you cannot tell me that in that video the scream that you hear is fake, you can hear the fear in her voice.
    the boys laugh and clap like its a funny joke well lets see whos laughing when they get locked up.
    now about the argument she “wanted” it… she was mentally slow… she could have been agreeing but not reali understanding or she could have just said yes becouse she was so intimidated and scared.
    why would she meet up with boys you say? teenagers do it, they get friends, meet up, go for a cruise, drink, it just happends!
    if i was in that situation with 12 boys surrounding me and saying i was a VICTUM i would beleive they would hurt me or kill me.
    those boys are sick and twisted, they need to get a life… IN JAIL!

  6. she could have been agreeing but not reali understanding or she could have just said yes becouse she was so intimidated and scared>>>> Or b/c she thought that negative attention was better then no attention at all. I did find a link that says that the victim had a relationship with one of the boys…..that STILL doesn’t prove anything. She probaly still thought that those boys were her friends. Ever interact with autistic kids? They think that anyone who is somewhat friendly with them, are their friends. Their lives are just so socially devoid, that they think that ANYONE who interacts with them (even negatively) is a “fwiend”
    I gotta say, that it just totally proves that these guys are just fucked up totally sociopathic predators who need to be sent to a One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest style mental insisution for LIFE!!!
    I really honestly think that there’s something incredibly wrong with these guys!

  7. You and the rest of the vigilantes obviously have no real interest in the truth but only in believing what you want. You don’t know the facts but insist you do. I, however, know the truth, and no I will not tell you who I am only that I AM a 45yr old mother who, thanks to bigots like you, can no longer protect my family or myself. The boys and girl behaved in a very promiscous manner, one of which I don’t approve. The unfortunate part is that it was captured on video. I hope to God that nobody ever finds out her name or address and plasters it all over the net. And stop calling her retarded, she is in Yr 12 with a Yr 11 reading level. THAT’S IT!! This kind of talk will drive her crazy. Thanks to the bigots many families are in constant fear for their lives and have endured great costs. I know the true victims and there doesn’t need to be any more. Leave her and the boys alone. The police have everything under control.

  8. Do not confuse threats and insults with opinion. The level of threats and insults are both reprehensible and hurting.

  9. I have done some police work before for the Victorian Police and i do understand what happens to these kind of people. That is where my opinion has come from.
    Just wondering, are you from the area, Werribee??

  10. Listener, you don’t understand that nobody is upset about the blowjob. We are NOT a bunch of Purtains tsking over OH THE HORRORS……..ORAL SEX!!!! Sex stuff like that happens all the time. Everyone reconizes that yeah, a lot of times people cry wolf when it comes to sex acts.
    A blowjob is nothing. What about them setting fire to her hair? What about them pissing and dumping piss on her?
    What about them physically humiliating her?
    I’m sorry, but SOME of the guys are obviously VERY sick, as in DSM style mental illness. I don’t think ALL the guys are sick…..I really think that a lot of what happened was that they got caught up in mob mentality. But how can you possibly excuse guys burning hair off of people and thinking that’s FUNNY? They did stuff like that in the past and thought it was hilarous. I remember reading that the Age said that a man had reported that those very same kids tried to burn his hair off! If they’d been OK kids, there wouldn’t have been all these reports of them doing evil shit.
    I actually have a friend who went to school with one of those boys, and he said that the guy he knew was a HUGE bully.
    I don’t think everyone in the video should get in trouble…..but the boys who were setting the girl’s hair on fire and who pissed on her and just were beyond sadistic to her, SHOULD get in trouble. This wasn’t just a “he he he” style prank.
    I’m neutral as to the developmental status of the girl…..but even kids with mild developmental issues CAN have significent social and emoitional and judgement disablities…..It’s not just retarded kids.
    Ask yourself…..why the heck did the boys make this movie? Why do they find setting people’s hair on fire, and pissing on them funny?

  11. Adam it is very worrying if its true that you have done some work for the Police with comments like that from left field. Lets hope it didn’t affect an outcome for someone because you seem like someone who doesn’t even care about the truth.
    Yes its obvious there was oral sex and obvious that it was consenting. Singeing a persons hair is not setting it on fire. And you don’t even know whether she did it first do you? Obviously one boy urinated on her and obviously all the others did not think that was funny. But if you had seen the DVD you would know that. Oh and I’m sure that if you had a copy you would probably view it. Its like those people that have to check out that dead body at a car wreck. The good thing is that the police have viewed all the footage including edited footage. I just don’t understand how people cannot stop with the negative attitude. A town’s youth is in turmoil right now and nobody cares.
    Oh but that’s right .. we could put them all in ALCATRAZ!
    Let those that have not sinned cast the first stone. Wonder who said that and why?
    Grow up the lot of you.

  12. By the way the man in the Age had an egg thrown at him and he has advised a few parents that he’s not bothering with it ‘cos he did stuff like that when he was younger too’.
    Get your facts right because you are obviously making them up as you go.
    “I’m neutral as to the developmental status of the girl…..but even kids with mild developmental issues CAN have significent social and emoitional and judgement disablities…..It’s not just retarded kids.”

    Who has social and emotional judgement disabilities? Read back what you have written and you decide.

  13. Deaf girl…On the issue of BULLIES you say “…..but even kids with mild developmental issues CAN have significent social and emoitional and judgement disablities…..It’s not just retarded kids.”

    If you remember kids who were in trouble when you were at school many “Bullies” ended up having their own developmental issues. Even today, how to you know who is developmentally delayed or not. Dont know if this is the case here.

    On the issue of burning peoples hair…apparently in some circles friends do it to each other for a thrill and laugh. I don’t get it either.

    Pissing on someone….I haven’t met anyone yet who will admit to enjoying that but I live a pretty sheltered life.

    Why did the kids make this movie….the movie I understand is not just about this scene or just bad things.Apparently it is a very long movie about motorbike stunts and parties and send-ups as well. It is snippets of their life over a long period joined together to make one movie. When you hear about kids enjoying the movie, dont think they are just talking about that particular scene. Most of the video is apparently very funny. I don’t think the kids intended to make millions by producing this movie. It was meant for all their friends only. I dont think they understood the implications of putting something on tape and how far their movie would reach.

    You have to remember we are talking about a generation that lives on the internet. Where you need to type everything you say and broadcast everything you do. They dont think about what they put into print it is so natural for them.
    I know kids who have flashed personal bit of their body and sent photoes exposing themselves to other friends on web cams and internet, they just dont get that it doesnt stop there. That what they show “in private” to one friend on the internet then can go worldwide.

    Look at these kinds of sites where people continually threaten the lives of others because of what they think they know. If wanted, the police could charge them with harassment, especially those people who have printed other peoples name and addresses. Elderly people with no connection to the video are getting late night phonecalls thanks to these sites. Oh, but thats right…..you have a right to your opinions..to incite riot.

    How about stop spreading gossip and inflaming the situation?
    How about letting the police do their job?
    How about waiting until you know the facts until you reach an opinion?

    This topic should be closed until the real facts come to light.

  14. Listener is trying to spread spin in favor of the W boys. I know the girl in question….i went to school with her. Did anyone know that on the day of the “offence” she was tricked into going down to meet two boys which turned into twelve who then escorted her quickly across to the Weribbee river (she tried to get away)and then commenced their vile degrading assaults. She was scared shitless, I can tell just from the video clip….because she always had a nervous giggle when scared and that scream when her hair was lit …….her mobile phone was also taken as she was left in tears. Yes some boys did stay behind to help but when she tried to get her mobile phone back the boys all spat on her and one threw a drink……oh yeah there was also the extortion of money later when some boys realised she had not told her parents….and a stiolen ipod….yes the truth will come out and some of those boys will eat it big time…….

  15. Wrong story again. I do know what I’m talking about unlike you. So far nobody has the story right but you can guess all you like. You have obviously only seen clips. Your friend of a friend can tell you about all the trickery in the world but there was no trickery I assure you. I won’t be telling you the truth because guess what … its none of your business. Yes I am in favour of some boys and unlike you I don’t want to see any more hurt for anybody. Have you ever thought that telling the story as if she was a victim would have her feel responsible for all this when she knows the real truth??? How do think that makes her feel??? And you will be responsible for that.
    You actually think you’re doing her a favour when you really are not.
    The police have miles of evidence and I’m glad to say they do know the truth because its only the law that should be dealing with these boys and girl … not the vigilantes like you.
    But lets talk about the stalking and harrassment that innocent people have received thanks to their names being printed everywhere. Innocent people have also incurred thousands of dollars of legal costs to date because of tough people like you who post this crap. Wow … you are all so brave to serve threats on these people but I promise that one day what goes around comes around.
    Internet harrassment and bullying is actually against the law so even though everyone has the right to an opinion, harrassment and bullying are illegal. Hmm … turns a different light on things doesn’t it. And do you know that you and I are all not as anonymous as we think. Keep this up and justice will really be served … the legal way.

  16. Listener, if you really knew the truth you would have checked with the Weribbee police before starting your ill informed defence of certain predatory males. Yes the truth will come out and your spin on the details will be shown for what its worth…..spin And yes I agree what goes around comes around.

  17. Cam, You state that Listener is ill informed. Are you therefore well informed. And if so by who? Or are you just spreading gossip you have heard.

    I was not aware the Police were in the habit of discussing investigations with the general public. You do realise that the Werribee Police are not the division investigating this.

    So Cam, be really brave and state who you are and how you are getting your information. Its easy to spread gossip anonymously isnt it.

  18. Oh yeah, for those of you scrutinizing the fairness and truth: I think it is a non-issue. Regardless of whether or not the boys acted with truly sinister intent, it is obvious that they are not productive members of society, and therefore, valueless. Their loss would thus not be missed.

  19. Hmmm… American seems like another sheep. If you believe what you read here you are very uneducated indeed. If indeed anyone was guilty of what’s been posted here they would deserve some punishment, however, these accusations are all chinese whispers.
    ‘Kids deserve death’ ???? … what kind of human being are you???? There is nothing sinister about the real truth in this matter. I can’t believe you think the truth is a non issue. Well, here’s another sicko in this world.

  20. Wtf man…. why is the girl getting the blame from you people?. she didn;t ask to be raped or to perform sex acts or to have piss thrown at her or have her hair set on fire.
    im only 15 but i can not believe you. example….if your mother, or sister even if u didn;t have one if one of them had this done to them would it be their fault?. NO OF COURSE NOT the first thing u would do is hunt those son of a biaches down and kill them. Then why r u blaming this girl for christ sake she was smiling when it happend to her because SHE IS MENTALLY DELAYED she doesn’t know whats happening around her it takes her a while. how dare u blame her she did not ask for any of this u think she likes her hair burnt . she will be scarred for the rest of her life and not trust any one. and then u wonder why ppl r so fked up in the world because of what a couple of jerks did to them in their child hood. but then again what would u all know.. its just a dvd a good laugh… remember if it where ur mother or sister just remember u’d have to help her, she would be crying her self to sleep each night while some dik heads r laughing about it. n its not just effecting her for now its her whole life.

  21. oh and by the way… the boys who did this to her… 1 of them was her friend he asked to grab a cup of coffee n she agreed but they lured her at the train station a whole gang of them.

  22. I’m actually just really shocked that there is any discussion on the details of this topic: its clear that if ANYONE in our country thinks its ok to hurt, humiliate and sexually abuse another person we have really messed up our society. IN ANY CONTEXT THIS IS WRONG, and f***ed up. Her promiscuity is not the issue, neither is the boy’s: its thier total moral foundation which is disturbed and its horrible. this is torture.
    And the other most blindingly obvious issue that is still not disucssed is that these boys clearly have a retarded, dislocated view of SEX as a whole. confusion and frustration have never been an excuse for violence and abuse: what fucking century do we live in? who let those boys think they could use their gender and numbers to overpower another? what happened to equality!??? would they do that to a another boy? and planning adds a whole other angle: i believe pre – mediatation is a major psychological sign of malevolence.

    im just so sorry that girls and women STILL have to fear gangs of boys and men… and that males still get kicks from that kind of shit.

  23. This shit is sooooo fucked up!!! I hope those boys end up in jail and get peed on themselves!!!

    What the fuck is wrong w/ that Listener idiot?? It seems as if YOU were one of those boys there at the attack! I guess mommy(errr mummy as you Brits say it) and daddy didn’t teach you any manners & morals as you were being raised. Time for you to go to charm school.

  24. @Listener

    No one is swallowing the bullshit that you’re spewing out so why don’t you just shut the fuck up you stupid fucking nigger. Get off the computer and go read womans day you dumb bitch.

    These kids humiliated, assaulted, raped, tortured, maimed and beat an innocent girl. Then they gave her the AIDS. They deserve nothing less than execution. It might seem harsh to your pansy liberal ass, but the fact of the matter is that if you do the crime you do the time. When these vicious degenerates finally get locked away in prison, Australia will be a safer place.


    You have no idea at all how the interwebs work.

  25. Lovely … you are a racist, sexist and insulting person.
    You certainly represent a vast majority here.
    You may very well be in need of some AID yourself but not the type you suggest :: shakes her head::

  26. On behalf of my drunken colleague Sir Jefferey Huntar, I would like to apologize for the statements above. They are crass, bigoted and totally inappropriate. I’d like you to rest assured knowing that I have already contacted the internet police.

    Obviously Mr Huntar does not realise that the internets are for serious business.

    I have also taken steps of my own to make sure that this sort of behavior will never happen again. As I type this he is locked in the basement with my slave. They each received 20 strikes with the paddle. He asked for 10 more. Not a chance. I attached his balls to a brick, spat in his open gawp. FILTH. The bottle of Jungle Juice was found – he licked my ass, my boots, my cock. I made him understand the meaning of COCK until dawn.

  27. Hey uh, well.

    I’m from you know, Temple of the Screaming Electron

    and its funny and shit, but Listener, I feel ya. People are dumb.

  28. Listener, your fucking stupid. If you are indeed a 45 year old woman, then maybe you can try and understand how a young girl reacts when she is surrounded by 12 older boys. What the fuck was she supposed to do? If she consented it was probably because she was afraid of what they would do to her if she didnt. Obviously they are heartless motherfuckers. They would have done what they did either way, because it seems they get some sick fun out of it. These boys are a terrible example of young men around the world. They deserve to be given back exactly what they did ti her, and more. She’s a girl for fucks sake. What kind of real man does shit like that to a girl.

    Grow some brains and some god damn feelings. Nobody wants to be set on fire or peed on. Nobody. I dont give a shit what you say. Your a poor example of the human race.

  29. Oh, and Listener,
    the article I read said that the guy who was attacked by them, got his hair set on fire! That is totally different from just tossing eggs at someone. Also saw a post somewhere else that said that one of the guys had been jerking off in class.
    I am not surprised that the girl tries to maintain contact…….don’t you remember high school when being popular was the most important thing in the world? Must say……..I think most of the boys need to be locked up in a mental insistuion or something.

  30. wow – freedom of speech is good but lets agree that what happened shouldnt have happened. i would like to make one comment if it wasnt for the public making a big deal out of this event than those boys, that girl, their parents and others involed would go on thinking that its ok to act that way – its not ok for children and i say children to have sex or show such disrepect. it saddens me that there is no chance for these boys in our society, i wonder what lead them to this downfall

  31. Yes that’s right and now she will probably go before a court and be cross examined by a dozen lawyers. That will make her so much happier.
    Yeah justice will be served. Oh but who will pay the biggest price? Oh and enlighten me as to who will be the winner? The public will be happy now and lawyers will be the winners. Yeah … bring on more trial by media and the righteous public. Shame on you all. Nobody has ever said that what happened is right but lets hang them all anyway.
    Lets see who casts the first stone now???

  32. VVV… I agree that would happened should not have happened.
    But I think the DVD should not have been given to the Media. It should have been given to the POLICE.

    The Media (and the person who gave it to them) should not be praised for what they did. They pubicised the DVD and pretty much showed it to the world. This should have been a private matter for the girl and her family. From the gossip I have heard on the internet, she knew the boys so could easily have told the Police who they were without Media involvement.

    I also don’t believe the families of the boys think what the boys did was right. That was just a twist by the Media.
    I honestly feel the boys made a HUGE HUGE mistake in judgement..(and am not sure if the girl may have made a HUGE mistake too) ….whereas the Media knew exactly what they were doing.

    Like most trials of this kind, I think this case is going to get ugly….and feel for anyone innocent involved.

    Lets pray that the innocent survive and the guilty get what they deserve…whoever they are.

  33. Listener – the winners are all the other ‘victims’ the boys will no longer be able to degrade and humiliate.

    Charges absolutely HAD to be laid because otherwise the boys, their parents, the girl and the general public would think this kind of behaviour was acceptable and not criminal.

    Perhaps it would be better if you spent less time trawling the internet trying to defend the boys and more time with them teaching them how to respect other people.

  34. well said friendly fire.

    i’m sorry to say it and its unfortunate but someone is being sexually abused in this world every day but only 10% of those crimes are reported. maybe the video being shown to the public raises more awareness. trust me some people turn a blind eye when it comes to rape – and i dont care what punishment those boys get what i care about is that it never happens again.

  35. Nobody has ever said that what happened is right but lets hang them all anyway.>>> Listener, are you the mom of one of the boys who was “just there?” I can understand that…..but still, they witnessed something and didn’t say anything. Sounds a lot like that movie with Jodie Foster “The Accused”, or the Glen Ridge rape (gang rape with a buncha jocks, and a bunch of onlookers)
    If they didn’t think it was right, then how come they did it in the first place? That’s what I don’t really get! Why did they do something like that? If they knew it was wrong………then why the heck did they do something like that?
    Oh, and it does look like charges have been laid. Maybe you’re not being as truthful as you say. If this had been just a prank or something, the cops would have dropped the charges immediatily.
    I really do think this was an extreme case of “girl wants to fit in with the popular boys, so does everything the popular boys want her to do”…………….
    It’s not a witchhunt………..I mean they did what they did, and now they have to pay the price. I don’t believe all the guys were evil little bastards……..but I do think that the guys who DID the acts (such as burning her hair and pissing on her) might just might be sociopaths or otherwise seriously distrubed.

  36. yo deez peeps beez copying da bros again. kant yalls white folks find ya own originality. panthas4life.

  37. I dont really feel anything for this girl, honestly i just dont care what happens to some retard girl. Think about she isnt even really human shes a subhuman

  38. What the hell is wrong with you?

    I can’t believe you would sit there and try to justify your opinion with the crap that you’re typing. If you even try to deny what those kids did was wrong, degrading and disgusting you have a serious problem.

    Quit trying to play off something that’s so sick and depraved as “boys being boys”. You can get fucked, and get fucked again. And STOP talking about “all the other innocent people”.

    Instead have some sort of compassion for the girl who was pissed on, degraded and humiliated – and then had that humiliation put on sale for $5 a piece – not for the people that were responsible for it and the people the people who you claim are so innocent.

  39. How can you people say things like that?
    Maybe, I’m not saying that it was and I don’t believe it was, consentual, but that’s not the complete point. They set her hair on fire. And Listener, it does not matter if they just ‘singed’ her hair. They still raised a flame to it. And no one, no matter what, has any reason to piss on a human being. That is just vile. The speculation that she is mentally delayed means nothing. She could be a supergenius and it would still be wrong. The boys knew what they were doing, and yes, they should be punished. Anyone who can witness that and keep quiet deserves to be punished too. Because if they keep that hidden, what else could they be hiding? You really can’t blame the girl. If it were your daughter, you wouldn’t be saying what you have been. Put yourself in the girl’s shoes. Looking at the whole thing, she was violated, whether it was consentual or not. And people should not stand for that. And if those boys walk free, with no kind of punishment, we will know that this world has truly gone to hell.

  40. Oh and Listener, if you don’t think that what the boys did was exactly kosher, then why the fuck are you posting here?
    You’re defending these boys, knowing full well that they did horrible things to that girl! I’m sorry, but they just sound like punks who need to be locked up in a juvie or a mental insistution FOREVER!

  41. hey deaf girl fuck off u dnt even know wat ur tlkin bout u just beleve wat u hear..infact u guys shuldnt even b commenting unless u no the whole story!!..i no wat really went on cuz i no 1 of the guys so shut the fuk up n the listener guy nos wat he is tlkin bout..and the df girl u just contradict urself!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Oh give me a fucking break ??. This happens EVERY SINGLE TIME some supposdly “good guys” do something horrendous.
    You’re just a teenager…….If those boys are such good fellows, then how come they pissed on her, and set her hair on fire? Oh, and how do we know that you’re not just listener logging in on another name? Those motherfuckers have NO sense of morals if they think that flaming a person’s hair and pissing on them is funny.
    Yeah, you know (and learn to spell and articualte yourself. It makes you look like a fucking illiterate moron, when you can’t even spell!) one of them………SO fucking what? If I knew Jeffery Dahmeher, that doesn’t mean he’s automaticly a good person. You could just very well be biased, since you want so much to believe that your fwiends are such wonderful upright boys! If nothing happened, then how come charges were filed? You know, they don’t just file charges based on flimsy evidence!
    How do you know what you know isn’t just rumors spread by the good ol’ boys to try to make themselves look better? You got a lot to learn……….believe me I know! The area where I live, went through something simalir a few years ago, b/c head up their ass people, wanted so much to belive in a honest to god sex predator’s innoncence.

  43. Deafgirl ….. Do you understand what bitter, hateful people with despicable misanthropic opinions are or do you only understand cursing and swearing. Here, one of the so-called worst traits of humanity are worshipped and placed upon a pedestal. You, who mocks faith and optimism, here you are called. Share your anger, your hate and disgust so that we may better understand these dark feelings.
    Your purpose here is to flame and be flamed. You will attack any vulnerable point you can find, and nothing is held sacred here.
    You don’t care to know the truth nor will you believe it.
    You don’t know what happened one afternoon in June nor how it happened and nor do you know how this girl or boys felt about it afterwards.
    For those that don’t know who Jeffrey Dahmer is he was an American serial killer who murdered 17 people from when he was 29 to 31. His murders involved gruesome acts of necrophilia, dismemberment, and cannibalism.
    How on earth could you liken him to all of this??
    My reason for posting here is because I feel these boys do not belong in a mental institution, they don’t need to meet Bubba, they don’t need to be set alight, they don’t need to be urinated on, they don’t need to be raped, they don’t need to go to jail and they don’t need anymore of this crap.
    They will be dealt with by the appropriate people being parents, law etc. These boys have never done anything either before or after this incident you would deem inappropriate.
    But you probably know or believe otherwise.
    That’s why I post. I have answered you.

  44. Listener,
    Wrong! If this was just a “he said she said” sort of thing, I wouldn’t even be posting here! I do know about how when shit like this happens, there are ALWAYS a sector of people who just cannot believe that someone would do something so horrible. I’m sorry, but I really think that they’ve convinced you that it was consentual and just a joke. You haven’t responded to my question……..why don’t you think that they shouldn’t go to a mental insistution. You said that you didn’t approve of them flaming her and pissing on her. Seriously………..yes, I don’t know the particualrs of this case………but for crying out loud, ANYONE can see that there is something very seriously wrong here.

  45. DEAFGIRL …. You obviously are not aware that they are 15, 16 and 17yr olds. They are minors.
    A Mental institution???? For Christs sake wake up to yourself. You obviously are not 15-17yr old nor a parent of one. A mental institution is meant for insane people and not someone who does a one off stupid thing.
    Yes it was stupid but please a mental institution????
    There are better options than that. You must be misinformed about all this.

  46. haha yer wateva deafgirl..how old r u ur prob lyk 30 or sumfin think ur pretty cool gettin into tenagers buisness FUCKN STAY OUT OF IT … DONT U HAVE A LIFE..so u think u no the whole story pfft like fuck u do cum on then tellme the whole story BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Deafgirl, you attacked “??” coz he is just a teenager…. but don’t forget everyone involved in this IS a teenager. Also “??” probably can spell but is choosing to type the way kids do on the internet.
    Matter of fact, I did notice typos and fairly bad language in your response…

  48. Well you have all had your say on his matter. I was not going to make a comment at this stage. But I will.

    Point one. I find the society is full of sick minded people at the moment. People who can only communicate by using foul language.It shows you have a poor command of the English language and lack respect for yourself and others.

    Point 2. Why are the youth of today so rebellious. I think it is due to lack of parental control and they are given too much material thing too little attention. They are given everything they want and nothing they need. Such as love and discipline.

    Point 3. Take a good look at the way people can not even spell the basic english yet they profess to know all,

    I for one can not stand in judgement only to say the whole incident is so despicable someone has to answer for it.

    This we will see come June 18th when they all go to trail. There will be no joy for anyone over this. It has done a lot of damage to the reputation of Werribee and to the Respectable youth of Werribee.

    We will then see which schools the Ring Leaders went to which I believe was not Werribee Secondary but the Wealthy sector of the community. I believe none of the boys come from deprived backgrounds
    so they can not claim to be disadvantaged. I do not know the young lady however I have deep concern for her and her family come the day of the trail. What a horrific nightmare to have to go through. I say to them be strong and truth will prevail.

    To the Boys” why do you always have to be one of the so called in crowd. Why couldn”t the ones with any decency walk away it would have proved you more of a man than to stay with your so called mates.” Why not be an individual instead of one of the crowd.

  49. Well said Lori… I may personally not agree with everything you have said but well written. I don’t think it really matters what the boys background is or which school they went too.

    As for your last comment, I think a decent man would have told his mates “Enough” and “This is wrong..lets leave her alone.” To just walk away and leave her would be a cowards act.

    To stand up against your enemies is easy, to stand up against your friends…

  50. Realist

    I agree it does not matter which school they went to. I get annoyed when the media says the Werribee secondary school youth.

    If any of these boys had an ounce of sense they would not call these
    boys friends.Perhaps choose their friends more carefully and not give in to peer pressure. I hope this serves as a reminder for others when egged on to do something against their principles just to walk away. Many a person has gone to jail because they did not want to go against their so called friends.

    I believe there may have been a couple of boys that really did not want to be there.

    Better to be a so called coward than to get a criminal conviction.

  51. if she hated it so much, why didn’t she go to the police instead of letting the circulation of the DVD do its job?

  52. hey stef read this from the Age today

    Film of attack on girl shown to parents
    Email Printer friendly version Normal font Large font Julia Medew
    October 18, 2007

    A 16-YEAR-OLD boy who forced a girl to perform a degrading sex act on him while a group of his friends chanted “the victim” and filmed the pack attack in Werribee last year told police he would not treat an animal in the same fashion.

    The boy, who has admitted spitting on the girl and setting her hair alight during the film, also told police he procured the girl for oral sex in front of his friends because he thought it would be “a laugh with everyone watching”, a Children’s Court heard yesterday.

    The boy’s admissions were aired at a plea hearing for him and seven other teenagers yesterday who have pleaded guilty to making a pornographic film, which they called “C— The Movie” and sold for $5 each.

    The film, which was played in a closed court to the boys’ parents yesterday, many of whom had not seen it, shows the boys circling the girl and repeatedly setting her hair on fire while they collectively force her to perform oral sex on two of the boys on five separate occasions.

    The boys, now aged between 16 and 18 years, also urinate on her, drop a lit cigarette down her pants and write the movie title on her breasts during the film.

    One boy says, ” F—, she’s the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen” during the film and another asks to urinate in her mouth before saying, “It’s the Werribee way.”

    Before the film ends, they kick her clothes into the river and tell her she’s “going topless”.

    A prosecutor, who cannot be named, said the victim — a 17-year-old girl who suffers from a learning disability — appeared intimidated and cried throughout the attack on the banks of the Werribee River in June last year.

    The court heard the girl repeatedly pleaded with the boys to stop what they were doing and that when one of the defendants sprayed deodorant through a flame to set her hair alight, she screamed, collapsed to the ground and cowered.

    The girl’s father wrote in a victim impact statement that he only learned of the DVD two hours before excerpts of it were shown on a television program last October.

    “On the day I found out about the crime involving my daughter, I felt intensely sick and full of rage,” he said.

    He said his family had suffered significant emotional and financial damage because of the attack on his daughter, who continues to feel as though people recognise her as the girl in the DVD.

    The court heard the eight boys, all of whom had been assessed as suitable for an adolescent sexual rehabilitation program, had been identified and harassed in their local communities.

    One lawyer said his client had been stabbed at a party and suffered retribution during sporting and social events. Another lawyer said his client had been attacked twice. The court heard another defendant’s family had excrement and urine thrown at their house.

    Four of the boys’ lawyers, who pleaded for their clients yesterday, told the court they were remorseful and wanted to avoid convictions.

    The prosecutor disagreed, arguing the boys had already been given the chance to avoid youth detention by entering a guilty plea and being assessed for a rehabilitation program for young offenders.

    “These are very, very serious matters. They are appalling and degrading crimes,” she said. “It is, if you like, a group or pack mentality which I’m sure everybody in this room hopes is never repeated.”

    Three teens charged over the DVD will contest the charges in December, meaning the victim will testify in front of the accused.

    The plea hearing for the eight teens, who have pleaded guilty to offences including manufacturing child pornography and assault, continues today.

  53. use all fuckheads to even have the time to write about something you konw absoloutley nothing about. they didnt gang rape the girl!! they are all nice boys and its not there fault that she is a slut. she isnt retarted or 12 years of age. she is 18 years of age and she has dislexia. which she would be probably smarter in school then most of the boys. but instead she finds attention strippin herself of infront of everyone so she can feel loved cause obviously she has no love and fucked up parents. so i think we should think about that!!
    she also stripps at parties cause i have seen her she is a fat attention seeker…poor fuckin her.
    i hate the newspapers and all media that have made out that these boys are scum, worthless and most of all ruined there lives forver and there families and if any them loose a life soon i goin to blame on the media. i think the media should put the real DVD on and not just the bad parts because if you watched it all you would think the same thing as me right now. they are innercent!! all of them

    i think her family just wants the compo cause if her hair was that badly burnt he would of done something about it then. instead it took him serveral months to a year to even no about it. until he got hold of the DVD. so that would be tellin us something there!!


  54. she isnt retarted or 12 years of age. she is 18 years of age and she has dislexia. which she would be probably smarter in school then most of the boys. but instead she finds attention strippin herself of infront of everyone so she can feel loved cause obviously she has no love and fucked up parents. so i think we should think about that!!
    she also stripps at parties cause i have seen her she is a fat attention seeker…poor fuckin her.
    i hate the newspapers and all media that have made out that these boys are scum, worthless and most of all ruined there lives forver and there families and if any them loose a life soon i goin to blame on the media.>>>> Don’t want to tell, So she’s dyslexic instead of a MR-style delay? So? Kids with learning differences like dyslexia VERY OFTEN DO have significent social issues. The boys TOOK advantage of that!

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