Blogmusik: Free Online Music

Blogmusik is a free online music player or virtual ‘iPod’ as they like to call it. I have seen tons of websites out there offering free online streaming of music but none can compare to the elegance, simplicity and ease-of-use that Blogmusik provides. Best of all, you don’t have to become a registered member to use the service.

Essentially what Blogmusik allows you to do is listen to a huge collection of music FREE streamed online to your web browser. Its as simple as searching for an artist you would like to listen to, and choosing a song to play from the wide selection they have avaliable.

I tested out this service and ran a search on ‘Radiohead’ and their song collection for this artist was very expansive.

As I mentioned, there are heaps of similar websites out there which promote social networking and sharing of different musical tastes, playlists, ideas and opinions of millions of music lovers all over the internet such as and Pandora which I have both used.

So, next time you’re at school or at the office and don’t have your iPod with you, be sure to check out Blogmusik. I’m sure they’ll have the music you’re in dire need to listen to! I highly recommend this service to anyone.

3 thoughts on “Blogmusik: Free Online Music”

  1. I have tried Blogmusik several times before! And it’s very good. The collection is awesome too πŸ™‚ I like their “virtual iPod” player..very pretty. Keep posting!

  2. Yeah it is a nice service. The best part is they have SO MUCH stuff on there. You can’t help but wonder though whether the service is legitimate or not.

    Nevertheless, its really cool.

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