Weirdest Job Interview Ever!

What is your weirdest experience in a job interview?

Well Yesterday which was Friday i had a job interview at Rebel Sport as a Department Manager, and coming from Coles Myer i thought that this interview would be a breeze. Let me tell you . . . some of the questions that i was asked where just plain weird.
There were the obvious questions that you would expect in any job interview such as:

  • Why do you think you are suited to this job?
  • What makes you different from the other people applying for this job?
  • What are some key ideas that you can bring to Rebel Sport as a Department Manager?

At this point i was thinking ‘YES’ i can answer all of these, and thinking soon it will be over.

But then . . . the weird questions came:

Do you watch T.V?

Do you have a dog and if so how often do you walk it?

He even asked . . . If you could steal anything from this store what would it be? I couldn’t believe it lol. Over-all the interview went fairly well but i couldn’t stop laughing to myself about some of the questions he was asking.

If anyone has had any interesting or just plain weird Job Interviews it would be great if you could share them with us, its a very interesting topic. Looking forward to hearing them.

4 thoughts on “Weirdest Job Interview Ever!”

  1. Thanks all4love for your response

    LOL yeah well at first i gave him a very blank look and wasnt too sure if he was serious. Sure enough he was so i had to answer him.

    My answer to the first question was, Yes, then he asked what was my favorite show and i said the simpsons lol. he laughed. The seconds questions answer was, No i dont have a dog and laughed, his response was why dont you have a dog? lol. And in regards to the shop lifting question i took the easy way out and said that i would not steal anything becasue i have never thought of stealing anything lol.
    Very wierd guy he was. hahaahah

  2. My ex decided once that the best way of sorting the poseurs from the good guys was to ask, “have you ever driven a tractor?”. A surprising number of people have driven tractors, but still, it’s a bit of a curve ball to throw at IT developers and other techies.


  3. lol yeah absolutely. I think prospective employers like to swing you a curve ball every now and then just to keep you on your feet.

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