North Korea will pay a very, very high price

I’m Adam, a new writer on The Whole Story and this is my very first post. You can find more about me at our About section of the blog.

In Follow up to Justin’s Post ‘North Korea’s nuclear weapons testing’ I was reading an article on Voice of America (VOA) News homepage and stumbled across a heading ‘US Envoy Says North Korea Must Pay For ‘Reckless Behavior’ and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I am currently in the process of joining the Australian Army and the last thing that I want is countries, mainly the Western ‘annoying’ possibly one of the most deadliest countries in the world, North Korea.

A senior US envoy arrived in South Korea to discuss a ‘punishment’ for Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons testing. The fears of a second nuclear test have encouraged the United Nations to strengthen there measures and called for inspections of all North Korean Cargo ships for any banned weapon parts.

How ever it then follows to say that China and South Korea and reluctant to interfere with North Korea in fear of igniting a conflict. So, is this a worry for the world when the two border countries of North Korea are hinting that they are not going to take part in the UN’s plans which involve North Korea’s neighbors?

Do we feel any safer?

Check Out Voice of America’s website and Give us you thoughts.

One thought on “North Korea will pay a very, very high price”

  1. Good job Adam on your first post, just a few things to keep in mind:

    – Remember to provide links to all your source material
    – Acronyms are fine to use (VOA), just say the full name of the organisation at least once in the article (Voice of America).
    – If referencing a specific article, provide the article URL.
    –  Providing graphics in your post helps to give the reader a better understanding of the content.
    Other than that, it was a really great article. Great job!

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