North Korea’s nuclear weapons testing

asiapolitics.jpgOctober 9th – 2006: North Korea have successfully conducted the country’s first nuclear weapons test in an underground vertical (abandoned mine or something) space with reports of no radioactive leakage of any kind from the blast zone as of this time.

Measuring 4.2 on the richter scale,  the blast was reported to have had a blast yield equivalent to 550 tons of TNT explosive.

“The test also follows a United Nations Security Council presidential statement from October 6, 2006 warning North Korea against conducting a nuclear test and “that a nuclear test, if carried out by the DPRK, would represent a clear threat to international peace and security”.  – source:

I watch the news, read the papers and am online every day and have read, seen and heard so much criticism leading up to the test by various countries including Australia, the United States, England ruling that such a test is non-beneficial for humanity. Even living in the age of terrorism, the use of nuclear weapons has become almost outlawed across the entire globe with the majority of countries entering into nuclear non-proliferation treaties and such.

I have no idea what kind of impact the latest nuclear test in Korea will affect the world, but heads of power are absolutely outraged at the North Korean leader with calls for the UN to intervene. Nuclear weapons technology is very dangerous and must be taken seriously, the actions of one country will affect the entire world which must be understood. We cannot afford to have ‘rouge’ states developing weapons without any control on them whatsoever (it seems anyway).

The Korean Prime Minister has been labelled a ‘Cowboy’ and ‘reckless’ in various print articles I’ve read over the last day or so and the general feeling of the international community would be fairly similar I would imagine.

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