World of Warcraft rocks my world

The hugely popular MMORPG title World of Warcraft came out in 2004 and since then has started a huge pop-culture fascination with the genre and online gaming in general. More and more people are being lured into the game when they have not necessarily been hugely into games in the first place. There’s something about this game that even non-geeks get attracted to and after almost 3 years of staying clear of the sensation, I caved and went out last weekend and bought World of Warcraft.

21.jpgIts not like I haven’t liked the idea of the game since it came out, I just knew that if I started playing this game, that I would never want to finish playing it, and my entire life as I knew it would be lost, lost to the world of Azeroth. I would no longer call myself an average 20-something year old guy WITH A LIFE; no, all I’d be interested in would be when the next time I would gain an extra level, and where the hell I could find a way to increase my mana lol.

So as I said, I went out last weekend and picked up a copy of the game. I have installed it on my PC but have yet to set up my account and start playing. I only have three weeks to go until my semester is over for uni, then I have all of November of exams which I should be studying for I suppose, and not playing WOW all of that time. So, I think I’m being quite good and holding off of my huge temptation to start playing right now.

I haven’t started playing yet, end of November I think I’ll start. I want to start playing with all the time I have in the world, I don’t wanna have any huge school committments in the way when I start, but since I bought it, I have been thinking about what character im going to start playing as when I do start playing.

I’ve been thinking of either:

  • Human Paladin
  • Night-Elf Druid
  • Tauren Warrior

If any of you guys play World of Warcraft and have any good suggestions on which race and class to start playing as, I’d love to hear your comments, you know where to leave them :).

10 thoughts on “World of Warcraft rocks my world”

  1. If you want a quick overview of what each class does in a group, look at Druid is probably the most flexible class – can be healer, defence, or offense.

    Should you decide to make an Alliance character on an established server, you can look me up (Flint on the Andorhal server).

    It can be fun to start on a new server. There will be lots of people your level with whom to do quests. Also you won’t be contending with an existing order. On the other hand, it’s easier to make gold on established servers.

    Strongly consider taking two professions such as mining/skinning or herbalism/skinning as it will be easier to make gold. You can always choose a different profession later.

    Good luck!

  2. If you roll Horde, start on Mug’thol with me! My toon is named Nullbane. You can add that if you start here 🙂 . I just started on this server. Don’t go Alliance with the kiddies! Go Horde! Hehe.

    Joel is right. Druids are leet. But Druids are the most complicated and most difficult class to play. At least most difficult to PvP with. I love it though. Warlocks own everything so that’s a good beginner class. Well actually Rogues are a really nice beginner class too.. Heh.. 90% of everyone that starts WoW ends up making several level 20’s of each class anyways. So I’m sure you will too. xD

    Anyways, I’ve played nearly every class at 60 and 70, so I’m a good person to know, if you have questions. 😉

  3. be a tauren warrior in the fury talent it is a very good dps class and can have plate armor 😀 i have a 63 warrior a 36 mage a 47 warlock a 28 druid a 28 paladin and a twink 19 priest and my warrior is my favourite class and tauren have the best starting area…..

  4. but onfortunatly i had to go and travel the world and get a life, don’t quit remember why 😀 Annyways for me every class can be fun to play but i guess i had the most fun with the shadowpriesties, good luck 😀

  5. Naw for nothin but fun go a Night elf hunter it is so cool and is good for startin if u do look me up on Bronze Dragonflight add Terlor

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