1997 Wired cover story: “101 ways to save Apple”

logo_wired_sm.gifApple Computer Inc. these days is such a successful and prosperous company, its hard to imaging that just 10 years ago, things looked a little different at the Apple camp in Cupertino CA.

A few years after the creation of Apple Computer Inc by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Jobs was let go as it was thought that the decision to remove Jobs from the company would be the best thing for Apple. How they were wrong. After Steve left the company, things really went downhill for Apple with declining sales and loss of interest by the public in their products.

1997 was the year that Steve Jobs would return to Apple and totally change the way they did business and turned the company around from a premature death, to the multi-billion dollar grossing company they have become today.

Back in June 1997 just before Steve came back to Apple, there was an article which featured in Wired Magazine (Cover Story) entitled “101 ways to save Apple” written by James Daly. He listed over a hundred ways the company could turn themselves around with quotations such as “You’re out of the hardware game” and “Don’t disappear from retail chains”. All these statements made by Daly of course were stringently backed up citing a number of sources.

This article is a very interesting read, and a walk down memory lane for any Apple nostalgist looking for that piece of the past that can never be realized again. Apple is such a strong dominant company these days, and with Steve Jobs at the reigns, the company only promises to continue to be successful.

7 thoughts on “1997 Wired cover story: “101 ways to save Apple””

  1. Hahaha..this is ridiculous!! That guy must have saving his face now 🙂 Where did you find this? Real awesome post!! 😛

    Thanks for stopping by my blog as usual. Im glad that you find it entertaining 🙂 You have a great blog yourself. Its always a pleasure reading your posts 🙂

  2. its is very wierd to think that only 10 years ago apple was like that, and to ruhi, love the old windows blue screens there a classic

  3. hey justin, not sure if you already no but i was looking at the AllSimpsons site and there is a link there that as another site that allows you to vew all teh Simpsons Ep’s

  4. i still have my copy of that wired. it was from back when apple still had the multi color logo. the whole cover was the apple color and the apple was glowing white with a crown of thorns on it. the only word on the cover was “pray”

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