Hidden password generator in Windows XP


These days it seems as though everybody is a computer security expert, or needs to be anyway. Picking a good strong password is always a challenge, and there are many online services that will generate you a very strong password with letters, numbers, misc characters ($%*&#@!), etc, but did you know Windows XP has a built-in password generator of its own?

The folks over at Microsoft didn’t really make this feature very obvious to find, namely as it is more of a computer administrator tool than for something a ‘regular joe’ would need, but I don’t understand why. Something like this would be very useful, especially if you share a single PC, or have a number of computers on a network which contain sensitive data, or with the potential for its security to be breached.

So, how do you find and use it? Simple:

  • Go to Run on the Start menu and type ‘cmd’ (without the quotes)
  • A DOS (‘esque) command prompt window will open.
  • At the command prompt type ‘net user administrator /random’ (without the quotes)

Based upon Windows XP’s on security rules, it will generate you a fairly solid password for you to use, that will at least be harder to crack than an egg on a sunday morning!


3 thoughts on “Hidden password generator in Windows XP”

  1. That will reset your administrator password. Use the guest account instead.

    net user guest /random > c:\pwd.txt

    will print the password to a file.

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