The Office (NBC) Episode 1, Season 3 finally here!


OMG! I absolutely have to watch this. For any Office fan, the arrival of the first episode from the new 3rd season is definately a huge momentous occasion. All our questions will (hopefully) finally be answered, Jim and Pam’s story will have just begun and a whole new season of hillarious office drama to watch.

Follower’s of my blog may remember a post on the office I wrote a few months back now (“The Office back for season 3“); I discussed a few possibilities as to what might happen this season between Jim and Pam. It was hinted in the season 2 finale’ that they ‘might’ get together, but not exactly definate and we were left with a cliffhanger.

So can’t wait to watch this episode, in about 20mins i’ll have it downloaded to watch at my pleasure. God bless the office, what would we all do without it?

2 thoughts on “The Office (NBC) Episode 1, Season 3 finally here!”

  1. omg it was amazing so glad pam didnt get married but very shocked she is not with either one of them and does HE know?? i guess we will find out but they will get together eventually..hopefully..

  2. Oh i know right! Pam didn’t get married and is not with Jim. Jim took a new job at Stanford but it does look like he will (eventually) come back to Scranton.

    In the first episode, there are some times where pam looks over at Jim’s old desk (now Ryan’s) with a look as though she really misses him. When he comes back, im sure they will get together.

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