Nintendo Wii price & release date announced

Wii Price & Release Date Details:

 Nintendo fans worldwide finally have something to hang on the millions of playstation fanboys…Nintendo fans beloved next gen console will be hitting stores in North & South America Novemeber 19th with the rest of the world (including Australia & New Zealand) getting the Wii in stores BEFORE the christmas holidays. The console will retail for USD$250 and will (apparently) be shipping with the following items in 1 pack (no basic and platinum packs here xbox fans):

  • Nintendo Wii Console
  • 1x Wii remote
  • 1x Wii nunchuck attachement
  • AC Adapter
  • A/V cables
  • 1x sensor bar (what this is exactly im still not sure, Roberto…help me out with that one!)
  • 1 x sensor bar stand
  • Wii console stand
  • 2x batteries

The US package of the Nintendo Wii will also include a copy of Wii Sports which is a compilation of sports games designed specifically with the wii in mind such as basketball, baseball and tennis all controllable with the new wii remote.

Right as of this moment, im not 100% sure if all us in here in Australia will be getting the same (or similar) deal with Wii Sports, but its looking pretty promising I would imagine.

Wii Virtual Console Download Service:

When the Nintendo Wii launches, it is expected that there will be 30 games from a range of consoles avaliable for download off this service online including games from the Zelda, Mario & Donkey Kong franchises, along with a wide assortment of games from the NES, SNES & N64 consoles which shall be fun. The only downside that i’ve seen is that the cost of each download of a game from this service seems pretty hefty. Virtual console games will cost anywhere between $5 and $10 dollars to download…obvioulsy being cheaper to download games from the NES console than the Nintendo 64.

I so can’t wait until the Nintendo Wii arrives on Australian shores by the year’s end. I will definately be picking 1 up before the year is through and a copy of Zelda: Twighlight Princess for starters amongst many others. Just the whole idea of their new controller is so interesting and different, plus the awesome price point will no doubt lure otherwise uninterested non-nintendo fans to perhaps go out and grab one, cant wait!

3 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii price & release date announced”

  1. Nice site with lotsa useful information. I got here from Ruhi’s site , by the way.

    By the way, don’t you think some of the Wii games look childish?? Especially when you compare them to XBox 360 (also PS3, I’m sure). Of the three, the XBox seems to be the most attractive to me (and that has nothing to do with how much I like MS :-)).

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