PS3 & Xbox 360 Can’t Handle Crysis

“Some news slipped out during the Leipzig convention in Germany that Crytek senior game designer Bernd Diemer said their upcoming first-person shooter Crysis was too über for the next-generation consoles — the 360 and PlayStation 3 specifically.” He cited lack of DX10 as a primary reason.

I’ve seen heaps of footage from this year’s E3 Expo when Crytek were showing off Crysis on PC’s and even then, it didn’t run the best. Granted, computer technology will most likely be more up to date when the game releases and shoud run better on the PC platform, It would be interesting to see if this game will EVER run on the PS3 or 360.

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15 thoughts on “PS3 & Xbox 360 Can’t Handle Crysis”

  1. xbox 360 rules!!!!
    the nintendo wii sucks, its the most crap console ive ever played im going to get one and smashed it up

  2. The Xbox360 can’t handle Crysis because it doesn’t have DirectX 10!!! The PS3 on the other hand does and is probable on the PS3 and not really probable on Xbox360, unless you want a cheaped out version of Crysis for Xbox360.

  3. i have crysis and a ps3 and a 360. and let me tell you, THEY CANT HANDLE IT! even the ps3 cant handle it. ps3 is my ballz. 😀 UR WELCOME FAG!!!!!!!!!

  4. you people are thick. ok let me give u the facts. firstly ps3 does not have DX10 but xbox 360 has SOME DX10 features. so if 1 of them can run it it’s the 360. second they both have waayyyyy more than enough power to run it. ps3 cell processor is weird and atm could be difficult with crysis but 360 we all knoow is fairly flexible and has 9.6ghz WAYYYYY more than enuf for crysis. it only has 512mb RAM but u cant forget that goes very far in a console cause dont forget u aint runnin windows xp or vista n they swallow ur RAM aswell as background programmes. 360 has a very powerful graphics card and 10mb embedded RAM. like i said b4 it has DX9 and SOME DX10. It’s bandwidth is huge it has a total of 278.4GB/s bandwidth so infact theres no point in me going throgh this look the point is GET IT OUT ON 360 U CRAZY FOOOOOLSSS!!! WEE NEEEEDSS PLZZ!

  5. @dan
    * as u said “graphics card and 10mb embedded RAM”…
    – the new gf9800 has 1GB RAM… that is… 100 times more? -,-

    * “it only has 512mb RAM but u cant forget that goes very far in a console cause dont forget u aint runnin windows xp or vista”…
    – lol!, ANY Crysis map adds minimum of 600MB to RAM usage so even if there was no XP/Vista and whatever else X06 COULD NOT POSSIBLY HANDLE IT!!!


  6. No simply it will not work on the XBOX360 nor PS3, Sorry but consoles will never match a gaming rig pc. NEVER, Faggots….

  7. I played crysis on my old crappy computer(512MB pc3200, overclocked EVGA Geforce7300GS 256GDDr2[couldnt overclock that much, got an extra 50MHz on core and memory clock, before it wtarted to overheat], AMD Athlon 3500(2.2GHz), and the framerate is okay, like 30 at the lowest settings. but 360’s graphic card has hundreds of millions of transistors more than my overclocked 7300GS. And the fact that 360 and ps3 isnt running an operating system(i was running Vista Ultimate x84 at the time of playing crysis) I think it will make up for the lack ram that both suffer from. Remember, both use GDDR3, and that stuff is crazy fast. When i play crysis, i notice that its pretty far away, until the grass and trees start to dissappear from the feild of view. i think by reducing the range of these scenery objects, the game can run much faster. and also, making the textures a bit less ram absorbing can also improve performance. Its not impossible for 360 and ps3 to run crysis, but if crytec knows what they’re doing, they can reduce the the textures and stuff in just the right way to keep performance, while still keeping visual quality.

  8. This is an absolutely stupid argument, for the “console people” to be making. Crysis is the most demanding game to ever come out. When released last year (Nov. 2007) not even the Nvidia 8800GT 512MB, with 2 gigs ram, and a Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5 Ghz could handle Crysis at high resolutions with high detail. In fact, when asked about a console version of the game, Crysis developers said that the PC version could not possibly run on 360 or PS3 due to the lack of system RAM. 512 MBs RAM is not alot of memory, even if you don’t have programs running in the background, aka XP or Vista. However they are developing Crysis for Xbox 360….BUT…….the game will not be a port of the PC version, but rather an entirely new game built from the ground up. The reasoning for this decision, according to the devs, is that the PC game simply couldn’t run on an Xbox 360 hardware………mainly because of lack of RAM. So, expect a totally different version, nothing like the PC version. The graphics and textures will have to be reduced drastically and the the maps will probably have to be spun directly from the disc. So, expect to constantly hear the loud hum of your 360 disc drive.

  9. I think that crysis will run on a 360, theres no doubt in my mind (with the 3-core 3.2ghz cpu and the impressive video card), but not as well as microsoft would want it to. if you look at a game like lets say halo 3 the only frame rate that you see is 30fps, but the game is running more like 100fps but you cant see it because your eyes and the moniter are not fast enough. But that extra 70fps goes down very fast when a bot or actual person appears on screen or an event happens. And if they put crysis on a 360, the landscape would start appearing just a few feet ahead of the character and would start getting choppy when a few enemies come on screen and start throwing granades. That being said, microsoft would not release a game like that because obvious reasons of being critisized for having a game run so poorly. Or Microsoft could just sell it on the pc and it would run according to what specs you have.

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