Bullshitr – Beta: unfulfilled promises of Web 2.0

Hey Kids! It’s The Web 2.0 Bullshit Generator™ 


Bullshitr is by no means a fully fledged new service and doesn’t offer a great deal (it doesn’t even sound very serious) but quite funny and informative nonetheless for anybody interested in what didn’t happen and what we were promised still to this day has not arrived.

Areas of the Web 2.0 bubble which various companies and organisations promised us which we did not get:

  • beta-test user-contributed feeds
  • disintermediate podcasting ecologies
  • beta-test AJAX-enabled communities
  • enable undefined blogospheres
  • post AJAX-enabled feeds
  • engage user-centred web services
  • remix user-centred communities
  • syndicate rich-client communities
  • integrate rss-capable blogospheres
  • reinvent user-centred folksonomies
  • design dynamic wikis
  • much much more…

One line on the site that I really like is “Devise bullshit compliant products and services with the Web 2.0 Bullshit Generator”. All you have to do is just click on a button and the site gives you a promise which in some way was not fulfilled and users still don’t have the ability to do.

Any University students currently studying Computer Science or other computing discipline im sure will be able to make good use of something like this. If you can’t be bothered studying late one night but sitting at your computer feeling the urge to write great software (some of the greatest software ever written has been by students), then take a look at some of the stuff in which we currently don’t have and start from there.


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