Anti-Socials: Lost in an alternate reality

“Video games have often been portrayed as violence-ridden vehicles for teen angst. But after 10 people in South Korea died last year from game-addiction causes, including one man who collapsed in an Internet cafe after playing an online game for 50 hours with few breaks, some began to see a new technological threat.”

wow.jpgThis article written in the Washington Post takes a very detailed and interesting look at some highly popular video games which ‘seem’ to be stealing people’s lives away from them. One of the most popular MMORPG’s on the PC ‘World of Warcraft’ is a huge culprit draining countless hours of otherwise productive time from the millions of otherwise sociable gamers.

Take a look at the article “Lost in an Online Fantasy World” by Olga Khazan on the Washington post website. It is a very interesting read.

Personally, I have known so many people who just loves games such as World of Warcraft, Dungeon’s and Dragons Online, StarWars Galaxies, EverQuest, etc which just seem to steal people away from their friends and family.

I’d love to start playing a few of these games, but I know that if I ever do, I’ll be totally sucked in just like so many others have been and totally loose my very fulfilling social life.

Take a look, read through the article and enjoy.

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