F.E.A.R Combat Free Today, Thursday August 17th.


Sierra Entertainment has made the multiplayer component from the award winning PC title F.E.A.R (First Encounter Assault Recon), has been renamed F.E.A.R Combat, and is available for download Today, Thursday August 17th.

F.E.A.R Comat is the latest release of the Fear multiplayer game which can be downloaded for free via the link below ‘Read More’. This game has been highly popular amongst a huge gaming population throughout the world.

I’m not exactly 100% sure if you can play F.E.A.R combat online but definately sure about local network (LAN) support. Visiting the link, you will need to register to obtain your unique registration key, but once you’re all done you can download a multiplayer release of F.E.A.R absolutely free.

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