Famster: Share photos, audio & video


In the ever popular craze of sharing your files amongst friends and family online, there has never been a shortage of online services to allow you to do just this, but none with the simplicity and flexibility of a new service called Famster.

Famster essentially is another file sharing site but what seperates it from the rest is the myriad of features and functionality it provides, and totally free by the way. The idea behind the service is protecting your shared files from prying eyes whilst making it easy to still share amongst family and friends..

“Famster is your family’s home on the Internet one complete website that is personalized to your family. It’s safe, secure and so much Famster fun!” – Famster homepage

This feature rich service is definately leaps and bounds in front of so many other services online these days. Just take a look at some of the features Famster provides:


Features such as blogging, calendar sharing, family tree’s, scrapbooking, etc make this site such a powerful family centric hub for everybody to connect to and see what everybody’s been up to, and photos people have uploaded.

Granted, anybody can use this free service, but it is more geared towards family’s & groups of people with family tree functionality for example.

If you are looking for somewhere online as a central hub for your family to keep everything together neatly organized, then don’t look past Famster. The service is still in beta, but will be full released very shortly and can still be used right now. Sign up today, check it out.

One thought on “Famster: Share photos, audio & video”

  1. Hello,

    I have seen one more website called kincafe, which is really good.

    Kincafe.com {connect. bond. cherish.} , a web 2.0 social network for families that captures updates from one’s family & friends, allows the building and linking of family trees and simplifies the sharing of family treasures like; photo albums, stories, birthdays, anniversaries, interests, news and blogs.

    Powerful features include:

    1. Family tree based navigation. Members use their own family tree to get to albums and blogs of a connected family member at anytime. You don’t have to preserve the album links sent in numerous emails.

    2. Collaborate with your family to build family tree together, with ability to control who can modify which profiles.

    3. Secure – Users control security of their information. Can choose different sharing levels within the network for DOB, contact information, last name, albums etc.

    4. Kincafe digs the latest albums and stories from the network and presents right upon login.

    5. Drag and drop based Album creation.
    6. HTML and Ajax based UI. No flash.

    Please get in touch with andy@kincafe.com for any help.

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