Sony Cyber-Shot DSCW30W almost mine!

I have decided to pick up a 2nd digital camera for myself, something that’s a little smaller than my current Fuji S3500 mini-SLR which still takes great pictures. So I came across Sony’s Cyber-Shot line of point-and-shoot digital cameras and I must say, I am totally impressed especially by the DSCW30W which retails here for AUD$429 and at such a great price point, how can you go wrong.

Here’s a quick list of features:

* Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar Lens
* 3X Optical Zoom
* 2.0″ LCD Screen
* Optical Viewfinder
* RIMP – Real Imaging Processor
* Anti Blur system with High Sensitivity
* MPEG Movie VX Fine
* 32MB Internal Memory
* Function Guide
* Stamina: 400 shots/ 200mins

And why not, the camera is such a small camera and will be great to just leave in your pocket and snap away whenever the urge strikes. Here’s a couple of pictures of the camera itself, very stylish.

dscw30w.jpgdscw30w_3.jpg dscw30w_4.jpg

I am thinking about picking up one of these baby’s in the next week or so and no doubt as with anything new and amazing I pick up, I’ll give you the rundown on image quality and features when I get my hands on it. Until then, I can just sit back and wait until I get mine, cannot wait!!

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