Back at Uni, oh the humanity!

Well guys, I am officially back at uni for another semester of pure study bliss (or so I always hope). For those of you who don’t know what I’ve been doing, im currently studying a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) at Victoria University here in Melbourne.

I have been really enjoying the course thus far (besides from the obvious pain of having to do schoolwork) and I have all my subjects picked out and timetables organised ready for another semester of school. This semester, the subjects I am taking are:

  1. Discrete Mathematics
  2. Data Communications & Networks
  3. Intelligent Systems (Artificial Intelligence)
  4. 3D Web Technologies

So there is a fairly broad range of topics for me to study which is something. Last semester I was stuck with really boring subjects, mainly mathematics, statistics and heavy theory based computing subjects. At least this semester I have a little more hands on stuff to do which should be good.

Well, as it usually goes, I always love the first two weeks or so, but I will hit me sooner or later, and I will no doubt be counting down the days until this school year is over.

Just thought I’d check in and give you guys a quick idea of what’s been happening with me and that Im finally (not) back at Uni. Until next time, take care.

One thought on “Back at Uni, oh the humanity!”

  1. Hey justin I must say best of luck for your new semester. Well your subjects are really interesting. if I would have been there at your stage, I must have selected these subjects. It is need of Today

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