WinRAR to be free this Sunday, July 30

winrar-box.jpg“In order to thank everyone who voted for us and made it possible for us to win this prestigious award, we are offering the WinRAR 3.51 single user license non upgradeable version this Sunday the 30th of July 2006 from 00:00 until 24:00 CET for absolutely FREE.”

I have been a big user (and fan) of WinRAR ever since the mid 90’s. I remember compressing megabytes of information (like 20MB or something like that) back when CD burner’s were practically non-existant (so expensive $$$) and I’d span my compressed files across like 25 floppy disks.

Now that same little compression utility has come of age, and will finally become free this sunday due to popular speculation. For more information, check out the article via the ‘Read More’ link below.

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One thought on “WinRAR to be free this Sunday, July 30”

  1. hey dude i was out of country so i couldn’t check your blog but anyways it is really very good news. I am really excited to listen about Free WinRAR. Great Post

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