Documentary: Google – Behind the screen


Google – Behind the screen is an Australian Dutch documentary which aired here in Australia the other week on SBS. It takes a look at how Google as a company was founded, what their inital goals were for the company and how they became the dominant search engine in use today.

The documentary goes for approx. 50mins and one part I found interesting was how Google handles its search queries and their well known (and effective) pagerank technology which looks at incoming links to a particular site, sees whether the site is popular or not, and the most popular (or useful) sites of a particular search query are listed at the top of the search results whilst others are further down.

“The interviews occasionally get uncomfortable when Googlers face the tougher questions (ie, “Why is your book scanning technology proprietary and only accessible to Google partners? What are the political and security implications of detailed photographs of all the Earth’s surface? Why should users trust Google?”). It seems that they’ve all memorized Google’s mission (say it with me now: “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”) but get pretty tongue-tied and stutter things about “disruptive technology” and “software engineers just making the world a better place” otherwise.”

Source: – Google – Behind the scenes

If you are interested in taking a look at this documentary you can download the full length clip here. From official sources, only Australian residents have had access to this documentary whilst the rest of the world is left in the dark until they get it, but anybody can download (or watch) it via the link above.

Enjoy, its a really interesting look at what Google are all about.

2 thoughts on “Documentary: Google – Behind the screen”

  1. Watched it few weeks ago.

    Yesterday I watched one on Enron, think the title goes by “The Smartest Guys …”

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