Top Open Source Software

I have been a big advocate of open source software and creative commons and things like that. I just love the idea that (besides free software) authors of software applications can freely share their source code and distribute their software at no charge. It is becuase of this that most open source applications are ‘community’ driven projects, but there are an increasing number of commercial and non-proprietary organisations jumping onto the ‘open source’ bandwagon.

opensource.jpgThe most notable open source applications that have become fairly mainstream include various ‘flavours’ of linux such as Ubuntu and SuSE Linux Distributions, the Mozilla Firefox web browser and gaining popularity the image editing software GIMP with most of the same capabilities as its more expensive brother Adobe Photoshop.

So, with free open source software becoming increasingly more and more popular amongst mainstream computer users, you don’t have to be running an operating system such as linux to hop on board and benefit. Many OS (open source) applications are written for Windows and MacOSX these days. So, you wanna free yourself of high software costs and replace some of your more expensive programs with alternatives?

I thought you might, so I decided to compile a list of Open Source applications that I use frequently in my daily use of my computer over a variety of areas such as Operating Systems, Internet Tools/Browsers, Instant Messaging, Image Editing, Development Enviroments, Programming Languages, etc. So here we go.

Operating Systems:

My Favourite: Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake
SuSE Linux 10.1

Internet Tools/Web Browsers/Instant Messaging:

My Favourite: Web Browsers – Mozilla Firefox 1.5
Instant Messaging – GAIM Instant Messenger
Email Clients – Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5

Desktop Applications/Databases:

My Favourite: Office Suites – OpenOffice
Database Systems – MySQL Server
CVS Replacements – Subversion

Programming Languages/Development Environments:

My Favourite: JAVA – Eclipse Development Environment
Language: PHP
Language/IDE: Pearl – Movable Type
Language: Ruby on Rails

I was thinking about doing a more complete and full list in the comming weeks which will be in MS Word Document format including all links to each application mentioned. Be sure to check back soon for that document which I will post up here on my blog.

I hope you enjoy this list of free open source applications/languages I use most and if you wanted to learn more about the open source community of free software in general, just google a few terms I know you’ll find a ton of useful information on the topic. In my opinion the Internet was born for open source giving a way for independant developers to freely distribute their products with no corporate restrictions or hassles.

So, next time you’re software shopping, just remember to check out the open source community to see if somebody has written a program similar to what you are looking for. You could save yourself a ton without sacrificing any functionality ofr features. Enjoy!

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