Back to the Future original first draft 1981

backtofuture.jpgOnce again I’ve been looking through a whole lot of documents I have on my computer and stumbled across the original first draft of a script from the film ‘Back to the Future’. Any fans of the Back to the Future movies might find this interesting.

The script written by Robert Zemeckis & Bob Gale was a first draft only of the film which they wrote on the 24th February, 1981. Just reading through, the script feels much longer than the actual finished film and for any die hard fan, it’s interesting to read through some of the things that never made it into the final production.

Its just like reading a Harry Potter Novel, or any book in which has been adapted to film. The book always includes many of the details lost in the movie and getting a hold of a first draft of a film is quite the similar feeling. You can read through the first draft via the link below. This isn’t a copy that I wrote myself and am not 100% sure on it’s authenticity, but similar documents can be found elsewhere online also.

Back to the Future – First Draft

Very cool, enjoy!

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