Melbourne WiFi: Where’s a hotspot when you need one?

wifi.gifI live in Melbourne (Australia) and a friend of mine is really big into working on his computer outdoors. He works in a typical office enviromnent in the Melbourne CBD but on his lunch breaks or afternoons he just wants to get out of the office, find a comfy spot in a park and work away.

Any Melbournian in this position will absolutely love to know where the hell all the avaliable wireless hotspots are for internet access. Well my friends, I may just have the answer.

I stumbled across a really detailed listing of ALL the avaliable WiFi hotspots in the Melbourne CBD and inner city suburbs such as South Yarra, St.Kilda, Southbank, Chadstone, etc. This comprehensive list is accurate as of 2004 so its kinda dated, but all these hotspots do still exist (most im sure anyway) and there is a big possibility more businesses have added them to their buildings in the last 2 years.

There is a good possibility that some (not all i’m sure) of these listed hotspots arent free, or may belong to a closed network in which you won’t be able to log into or access. I have a friend who I used to attend a class with in my 2nd year of university who once told me that he was in Melbourne recently (as of 2005 recently that is) and said he could pick up a bunch of wireless signals in the CBD with his laptop, and many were open, although many were closed and unable to access. I have no first hand knowledge, just basing my accounts on experiences such as this.

The list includes very popular and well known hotspots anyway such as at starbuck coffee stores, Gloria Jeans cafe’s etc so I’m sure they won’t be too hard to find.

Finding a hotspot in Melbourne will never be easier. The Excel Spreadsheet is avaliable for download via the link above or below:

Download: logo_excel.jpg WirelessHotspots.xls (34kb Excel Spreadsheet)

I’ve had this file lying around on my computer for quite some time and figured anybody currently living in Melbourne or the greater metro area would definately find a use for a document such as this. So everyone, tell your boss you’re out of the office this afternoon…office tasks await you outdoors today!

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